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Asian History Carnival #20

Filed under: — K. M. Lawson @ 11:20 pm
The Asian History Carnival #20 is now up at Jottings from the Granite Studio! It comes in three parts: Asian History Carnival #20 Part I Asian History Carnival #20 Part II Asian History Carnival #20 Part III We are looking for volunteers to host the September and November installments. Read more on the carnival homepage.

Taiwan 1946: Asking, “What is Democracy?” – in Japanese

Filed under: — K. M. Lawson @ 5:30 am
Over on Frog in a Well - Japan I wrote a posting about a 1946 Taiwanese pamphlet written in Japanese put out by 臺灣新生報 that may be of interest to readers of this weblog. Like so many things I find interesting and worth posting about, I'm never quite sure which Frog blog to put it on! I do try to keep my postings to one blog though, just to keep the comment stream in one place. I wish, however, a few years ago when I started the Frog in a Well project, that I had set up this project so that it would be possible for people to view everything as one channel or feed of postings about East Asian history - not broken up into China, Korea, and Japan weblogs. Since the original goal was to have each weblog bilingual, however, with roughly half postings in each language, with categories for language to filter out languages a reader didn't want to be exposed to, it seemed to make sense to split it. Now, with transnational and international history really taking off, I sometimes doubt the wisdom of that choice. It makes me wonder how many readers are only reading the feeds of one out of the three weblogs?

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