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Ho-fung Hong has an interesting post up on the Wukan Triamterene For Sale, protests and the history of popular protest in Imperial China. Where can i buy cheapest Triamterene online, ((I have not yet read his book. It was a good Christmas, Triamterene dose, Triamterene blogs, but I did not get everything I wanted.)) While in the Western media protests like Wukun are usually presented as signs of the impending crack-up of China, Hong argues, where to buy Triamterene, Triamterene coupon, correctly I think, that they need to be read as part of the history of Chinese forms of protest, Triamterene online cod. Get Triamterene, Protests of any sort are culturally constructed, meaning that different actions have different meanings in different cultures, Triamterene street price. Triamterene long term, Wukan involved some violence.

which in many western cultures is the red line between protest and rebellion, but for Hong it was at its heart a petition movement, Triamterene For Sale. ((Which is also what Tiananmen was, buy Triamterene without prescription, Triamterene price, to start with. )) Petitions, buy Triamterene from canada, Buy Triamterene online cod, no matter how presented, acknowledge the legitimacy of state power (in this case the central government rather than local) and the supposed benevolence of the rulers is assumed, low dose Triamterene, Cheap Triamterene, otherwise why petition. As a bit of confirmation of these different ways of viewing things the Financial Times seems surprised that protest leader Lin Zuluan has been appointed Party secretary "capping a potential breakthrough in the way Beijing deals with dissent." But of course bringing protest leaders into the fold is very much part of the Chinese tradition for dealing with dissent.  It's too bad Hong skips over the Republican period, Triamterene no rx, Triamterene forum, (He implies you can draw a straight line from the Qing to the present) but it's only a blog post.


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Epogen For Sale, This week you run across dragons just about everywhere.

President Obama welcomed the Year of the Dragon from the White House (here), Epogen no rx, Epogen over the counter, while Paul French did likewise from his lively blog,  China RhymingWelcome to the Year of the Dragon.  He has a particularly cool dragon from the cover of his real life murder mystery, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Epogen no prescription, Midnight in Peking on the Australian version, though the US version doesn't have one, Epogen description. Epogen brand name, Maybe Americans are afraid of dragons.

If you think that Dragons will "shake the world, purchase Epogen online, Kjøpe Epogen på nett, köpa Epogen online, " just a reminder that there's no evidence that Napoleon ever said "beware of China, for when the Dragon wakes it will shake the world." I talked about this in China Rises, China Wakes? (February 12, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Purchase Epogen for sale, 2010).

The release of the film, Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, inspired a bunch of people to get tatoos, some of them on body parts I didn't want to know about., Epogen For Sale. Google images for "Chinese Dragon Tatoo"  gets pictures and pictures and pictures, Epogen pics. Online Epogen without a prescription, I can't resist -- the restaurant chain P.F. Chang's didn't use dragons in its decor, after Epogen, Generic Epogen, but decided to welcome the New Year with the old Chinese custom of handing out "red envelopes" which contain a surprise, maybe a free desert on the next visit, Epogen reviews. Epogen forum, Of course, the chain sells food that's defined as Chinese, ordering Epogen online, Epogen images, but there are no Chinese  in the top management. Epogen For Sale, The "Chang" was chosen because it would fit on the signboards and sounded Chinese. The "P.F." is for "Paul Fleming, Epogen interactions, Where can i cheapest Epogen online, " one of the creators of the Outback Steakhouse and the entrepreneur behind the chain. ((Jennifer 8, buy no prescription Epogen online. Epogen schedule, Lee, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles (New York: Twelve, rx free Epogen, Buy cheap Epogen, 2008), p, canada, mexico, india. Epogen online cod, 18) ))

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Buy Armour Without Prescription, There is something of a tradition here of posting draft syllabi and asking for advice. It's too late for advice to do me any good (although criticism always helps) So here is what I am doing for Modern China this semester, Armour gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. No prescription Armour online. Where can i buy Armour online. Armour samples. Armour results. Order Armour online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i order Armour without prescription. Armour price, coupon. Armour dosage. Armour blogs. Buy Armour without prescription. Cheap Armour. Buy generic Armour. Order Armour no prescription. Herbal Armour. Armour from canada. Armour long term. Low dose Armour. Armour without prescription. Armour use. Effects of Armour. Real brand Armour online. Armour pharmacy. What is Armour. Buy Armour from canada. Is Armour safe. My Armour experience. Armour overnight. Fast shipping Armour. Online buy Armour without a prescription. Armour wiki. Buying Armour online over the counter. Armour used for. Order Armour from mexican pharmacy. Armour from canadian pharmacy. Armour maximum dosage. Buy Armour without a prescription. Is Armour addictive. Buy Armour online cod. Armour steet value.

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The Year of the Dragon is upon us – should we be afraid.

Around the English speaking world, Doses Flexeril work, magazine covers and editorial writers rely on the dragon as a colorful shorthand for "China":  “the dragon is coming,” the “dragon is waking,” or  “the eagle and the dragon.” In the PRC, about Flexeril, Xinhua, Flexeril pictures, the official news agency, reports “Year of Dragon Stamp Arouses Debate among Public.” One writer complained: “The moment I saw the design of the dragon stamp on newspaper, I was almost scared to death.”

Relax, order Flexeril online c.o.d. We will not need a St. Purchase Flexeril online no prescription, George the Dragon Slayer to come to our rescue. The Chinese long is a different creature from a dragon.

Wolfram Eberhard reassures us that in “sharp contrast to Western ideas on this subject, the Chinese dragon is a good natured and benign creature: a symbol of natural male vigor and fertility,” a primordial representative of the yang side of things.  (( Wolfram Eberhard, A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols: Hidden Symbols in Chinese Life and Thought (London; New York: Routledge, 1986), pp, Flexeril For Sale. 83-86)), purchase Flexeril.

Eberhard warns that “combining as it does all sorts of mythological and cosmological notions, Where can i find Flexeril online, the dragon is one of China’s most complex and multi-tiered symbols.” In the cosmology which was systematized under the Han dynasty, the dragon  stood in the east, which came pretty naturally, Flexeril price, since the east was the region of sunrise and rain, Flexeril photos, as opposed to the west, land of the cold, dry yin, Flexeril duration, where the white tiger ruled over death. Buy Flexeril from mexico, A “tiger and dragon” fight, whether in martial arts or in Ang Lee’s 2000 movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, where to buy Flexeril,” is the clash of opposite styles. Buy Flexeril online no prescription, In the Book of Changes (Yijing), says Edward Shaugnessy, University of Chicago specialist on early China, where can i buy cheapest Flexeril online, the “Heavenly Dragon” is an “organizing image.”  As the creature associated with spring and dawn, Taking Flexeril, “first hidden in watery depths beneath the horizon, the dragon then appears in the fields before suddenly jumping up to fly through the summer sky. Flexeril For Sale, However, even the dragon cannot fly forever. When it gets too high – and too arrogant – it is cut off at the neck to descend once more into the watery depths.” ((Edward Shaugnessy, Flexeril coupon, China: Empire and Civilization (Oxford 2000) p. Flexeril no prescription, 6. ))

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, and they have the handy ability to expand to fill up all space or shrink as small as a silkworm, comprar en línea Flexeril, comprar Flexeril baratos. For starters there are “heavenly dragons (tian long), Get Flexeril, ” “spirit dragons (shen long),” earth-dragons (di long),” “dragons which guard treasure (fu-cang long), online buying Flexeril hcl,” and Flying Dragons (feilong). And this is before we even get to the other dragon-like creatures, such as the qilin, fenghuang, and pixie, Flexeril For Sale. Flexeril natural, (If you want to know what a qilin looks like, you’ll find one on a bottle of Kirin Beer, since “kirin” is the Japanese pronunciation of qilin), Flexeril maximum dosage.

So “dragon” isn’t a great translation for the Chinese long. Flexeril cost, “A long is a long,” says Thorsten Pattberg, a scholar at Peking University’s Institute of World Literature, Flexeril without prescription, in a good humored column with a serious point in China Daily (January 16, Flexeril brand name, 2012) (here).  He says it’s “maybe even a tianlong, but please, please do not use ‘dragon.’ That kind of linguistic imperialism happened to your unique Sichuan xiongmao once, buy generic Flexeril, remember. Flexeril schedule, Now it's a Western ‘panda.’” If Westerners used the correct word, long, it would remind them that they are facing something culturally new, is Flexeril addictive,” not a “dragon.”

Pattberg objects that “Western caricaturists love to depict China as the European-style dragon: huge and red (of course), After Flexeril, clumsy and pear-bodied, fierce, with tiny wings and a small flame, discount Flexeril,” but the truth is that the “Chinese long are majestic, Flexeril overnight, divine creatures, snake-bodied ... Flexeril For Sale, and embody happiness, wisdom and virtue. In the West, herbal Flexeril, on the other hand, Where can i buy cheapest Flexeril online, it's a virtue to slay the dragon for a happy ending.”

From the Han dynasty onward, the dragon naturally came to be the symbol of the Emperor. The mother of the founder of the Han dynasty knew that great things were in store when a dragon appeared over her head and she then became pregnant with him, buy no prescription Flexeril online.

But even in China, Flexeril canada, mexico, india, you’d better not mess with dragons. Dragon spittle was powerful stuff. A girl servant of a Zhou dynasty king was made pregnant by dragon spittle (or at least that’s what she told her father).  This early form of sperm donation produced Baosi, who became the concubine of King You, Flexeril For Sale. He doted on her so madly that he would light the beacons which warned of oncoming barbarians and make her laugh when his armies came running, Flexeril from mexico. After a few times, No prescription Flexeril online, the vassals stopped falling for the joke, and when the barbarians then did show up, they overthrew the Western Zhou dynasty, Flexeril samples.

Another hoary tale is that an artist once painted four flying dragons on the wall of a temple but didn’t put the pupils in their eyes – “they will fly away if I do, Cheap Flexeril, ” he explained. But the crowd insisted. Flexeril For Sale, Of course, he gave in, but when he had finished the eyes on the first two dragons, they came to life, brought down mighty crashes of thunder, and flew off.

Dragons appear in Chinese bathrooms, Flexeril trusted pharmacy reviews, or at least their heads do: longtou (dragon head) means “faucet.” Don’t get your hopes up if you’re offered a “dragon shrimp,” though, since a longxia is just a lobster.

Things get messy when Westerners use the Chinese dragon. One of the more interesting is Dragon Lady. In the 1930s, a newspaper syndicate commissioned Milton Caniff to produce a topical comic strip about the Orient. He came up with “Terry and the Pirates,” starring a young American adventurer who run up against a number of villains, Flexeril For Sale. Caniff recalled that he wanted an “Oriental villain who was not a Fu Manchu.” He came up with the Dragon Lady, a Eurasian temptress, since “putting it into a woman made it ten times more interesting, an irresistible combination, mean and beautiful.” ((Robert C. Harvey, Milton Caniff: Conversations (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2002.) ))  Many strong women were called Dragon Ladies, but the most surprising use of the term was for the CIA’s Lockheed U-2 spy-plane, nicknamed the “Dragon Lady.”

I can certainly understand Pattberg's objection. No self respecting Chinese long would want to hang out with rough, low life Western dragons who go around accosting virgins or let themselves be associated with the “Grand Dragons” of the Ku Klux Klan. But it’s too late. We're stuck with "Chinese Dragon."

For a listing of examples showing that "Dragon" has gone native, see the mesmerizing website TVTropes, which catalogues “devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations.” There are pages on “The Dragon” (here) and “Tiger versus Dragon,” (here) which clearly are good Chinese long.

If that doesn't convince you, ask  yourself if "Dragon Dance" could really work as "Long Dance"  or if “Dragon Boat Festival” would work as “Long Boat Festival.”

UPDATE: The University of Southern California US-China Institute website has its annual collection of Chinese New Year stamps from all over the world, including one fascinating one from Tientsin in 1878.  Well worth a look.

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