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Nexium For Sale, There has been some commentary, both on well-known blogs and obscure ones on Robert Farley’s Diplomat article on Japan’s WWII Counter-Insurgency planning and implementation Farley discusses an article by retired Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) Lieutenant General Noboru Yamaguchi and Farley suggests that

Long story short, the history of Japanese operations in China was more complicated in process, if not in effect, than the “Kill All, Loot All, Destroy All” that has come to characterize the war*.

*Standard caveat: I trust that readers are bright enough to understand that this does not constitute an apology for the Japanese Imperial Army.

As my co-blogger Jonathan Dresner points out, Nexium brand name, Cheap Nexium no rx, this caveat seems not to have worked, as the comments at the Diplomat are mostly from (presumably) Chinese who want to make it clear that the Japanese are eternally evil, Nexium canada, mexico, india. Purchase Nexium online, Having violated Internet protocol and actually read the article I can report that it is interesting in an odd way. Noboru calls what went on the China Incident, where can i cheapest Nexium online, Nexium pictures, and points out, correctly enough, Nexium photos, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, that this was not the a war Japan wanted or planned for. He is not defending Japanese aggression, buy Nexium no prescription, Effects of Nexium, however. He is mostly interested in laying out how the Japanese Army in North China tried to deal with Chinese insurgency in addition to all their other tasks it had, Nexium For Sale. North China was considered to be a sideshow to the coming war with Russia and then a sideshow to the current war with the U.S., buy no prescription Nexium online, Nexium price, and so they were expected to defeat the Chinese Communists while also preparing troops for battle at Guadalcanal or maybe Siberia. The North China army was also expected to send resources (iron, Nexium dangers, Nexium without prescription, coal, salt, buy cheap Nexium no rx, Where can i find Nexium online, and cotton) home, making it quite different from the situation of, Nexium interactions, Nexium steet value, say, the American army in Iraq, taking Nexium, Get Nexium, which is the main comparison of the volume. ((The whole point of the volume, buy Nexium from mexico, Nexium no prescription, based on an 2010 conference at Ohio State, is to provide American policymakers with ideas about how to deal with Hybrid Warfare, buy Nexium from canada, Nexium used for, situations where you are dealing with both a formal army and an insurgency, Thus, australia, uk, us, usa, Nexium dosage, one would be dealing with a threat that would 'blend the lethality of state conflict with the fanatical and protracted fervor of irregular warfare.))

That Japanese war aims were confused at best is not news, but Noboru is drawing from high-level Japanese documents and the Japanese scholarship that flows from them, order Nexium from mexican pharmacy, Nexium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, things that have not been much used by Western or Chinese scholars. A lot of what he says will not be wildly shocking to anyone who has read Lincoln Li ((who he cites)) or Tim Brook ((who he does not)) The article gives a nice Japanese Army-centric view of dealing with Chinese insurgents, Nexium street price. Nexium For Sale, Farley is looking at the Japanese experience in China as an example of counter-insurgency, and I guess you can take lessons from it for that purpose. What is Nexium, Heck, the Americans in Vietnam took lessons from the suppression of the Jiangxi Soviet in the 1930's, Nexium cost. Purchase Nexium for sale, It may seem odd to be taking lessons from Chiang Kai-shek on fighting Communists, but the suppression of the Jiangxi Soviet was actually a success, buying Nexium online over the counter. Low dose Nexium, It helps to split things up in order to make sense of them. The Japanese Empire was a failure, Nexium mg, Online Nexium without a prescription, but that does not mean that parts of it are not things people interested in counter-insurgency can learn from.

More to the point for this blog, the Japanese experience in China was not all of a piece, Nexium For Sale. When I was in grad school ((We spent a lot of time on the 'Opposable Thumb -- Fad or the Future' question, Nexium price, coupon. Where to buy Nexium, (I was also the first history student to decide I needed an 'electronic mail' account despite not being a comp-sci student)  ')) the whole war period was pretty much a black hole. Communists and Nationalists were fighting in 1936, cheap Nexium. Buy Nexium online cod, Then stuff happens and they are fighting in 1946. Nexium For Sale, The last couple of decades have seen a lot of scholarship on what happened in China during the war. Our view of the Japanese is still pretty primitive, however. Unless you are Konrad Lawson or some type of hyper-smart person like that you still see the Japanese invaders as evil people who came to China for the chance to twirl their moustaches and cackle as they killed Chinese. There were plenty of those, but allowing the overall evil of the Japanese presence to dominate everything that happened obscures history. Lots of Japanese sincerely wanted to help China even while serving the Japanese war effort. The modern attempt to make a radical distinction between Japan and China just does not work, Nexium For Sale. Are Lu Xun, Liang Qichao, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek all collaborators?  Were Japanese who thought they could get Chinese to contribute to their empire all idiots. They did it in Taiwan and to some extent in Manchuria. Wang Jing-wei may have been a traitor, but it is hard to say he was not also a figure in the history of Chinese nationalism. Bose's Indian National Army contributed a lot of men to the Japanese war effort.  ((One place where I disagree with Farley is when he cites Bayly and Harper to suggest that the Japanese occupation of S.E. Nexium For Sale, Asia was completely infective. The Japanese made many errors, but  Bayly and Harper seem, to me. to suggest that they got more buy-in than the standard popular interpretation would suggest )) The radical anti-Japanese view ignores even Chinese wartime propaganda which could be quite solicitous of the sufferings of ordinary Japanese. While we can't ignore the evil the Japanese people did in China, we also don't want to oversimplify things, and the article helps with this.



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3 Responses to “Nexium For Sale”

  1. C. W. Hayford says:

    Useful thoughts on a disturbing topic, Alan. On questions like this I often think of the painful comments from Robert MacNamara, Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense and one of the architects of American Vietnam War strategies, in “The Fog of War,” the documentary by Errol Morris. MacNamara, who was an aide to General Curtis LeMay in planning the 1945 firebombings of Japan, reported that LeMay said at the time “I sure hope we win this war, because if we don’t, we’ll be prosecuted as war criminals — which we are.”

    BTW, for readers who don’t read footnotes or don’t want to click the link, the Ohio State conference volume is Williamson Murray and Peter R. Mansoor. Hybrid Warfare: Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient World to the Present. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012. ISBN 9781107026087.

  2. MSG says:

    Surprised you have to labor the point so much. Ian Buruma frequently makes the case for the (liberal) Japanese view of their empire: modernizing Asia by Asians.

  3. Except that Buruma’s guessing, based on a shallow reading of Japanese testimonies.

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