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Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, This conference will take place in London on 17-18 June 2010. Nasonex natural, “Cities have been intimately connected with nationalisms of many kinds. The architecture and spatial design of cities have commonly been intended to bolster national pride, Nasonex schedule. Nasonex forum, So have the nationalist ceremonies that cities have staged. Yet cities have also been places of contending nationalisms or counter nationalisms in which urban territorial divides have helped shape and maintain competing or actively hostile group loyalties, herbal Nasonex. Cities have also sometimes promoted themselves as cosmopolitan and hospitable to all nations, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. Online buying Nasonex hcl, This conference aims to explore the nature and rich variety of connections between nationalisms and cities in Europe, Asia, purchase Nasonex, Nasonex pharmacy, Africa and the Americas. Cities explored include Alexandria, order Nasonex online c.o.d, Nasonex canada, mexico, india, Belfast, Buenos Aires, about Nasonex, Online buy Nasonex without a prescription, Budapest, Cape Town, fast shipping Nasonex, Nasonex cost, Cork, Cracow, Nasonex wiki, Order Nasonex from mexican pharmacy, Hong Kong, Kinshasa, Nasonex alternatives, Nasonex dosage, Kirkuk, London, get Nasonex, Nasonex recreational, Montreal, Paris, Nasonex results, After Nasonex, Prague, Shanghai, low dose Nasonex, Nasonex no prescription, Tel Aviv and Washington.

Speakers include: Robert Bickers (Bristol), rx free Nasonex, Nasonex online cod, Iain Black (Cambridge), Bill Freund (Kwa-Zulu Natal), order Nasonex online overnight delivery no prescription, Nasonex steet value, Tim Harper (Cambridge), Paul-André Linteau (Québec) and Prashant Kidambi (Leicester)”

The conference does have some Asian focus, Nasonex duration, Nasonex interactions, and I will be chairing the panel on Chinese cities.

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‘China Network’ at Cambridge

Filed under: — katrina @ 7:34 am
If you will forgive the promotion, this may be of interest to other Frogs... Cambridge University's humanities centre (CRASSH) recently received funding for a two-year network on China, on the theme of modernity. Most of the scholars involved are approaching this from the field of comparative literature, but also there are historians and translation scholars. There will be conferences in Cambridge (this May), Yale (later this year) and Tsinghua (2009). Some information is online here about the May conference

Shanghai and Modernity

Filed under: — katrina @ 4:55 am
I am currently working on a paper about Shanghai and modernity - obviously a lot of work has been done on that from the perspective of Chinese modernity but I am trying to understand the ways in which to Westerners it was perceived (in the interwar period) as a 'modern' city (or not). Noel Coward wrote Private Lives while staying at the Cathay Hotel, for instance, and I am intrigued by the sudden rush of interest in Shanghai of that period in Western culture (cf.The White Countess, Lust Caution, etc). Anyone here have any opinions/suggestions? On a side note, I just defended my PhD thesis on Thursday so am finally done!! Apologies for my absence from the site while I was finishing.

One for the military historians

Filed under: — katrina @ 4:48 am
In preparing the Asian History Carnival, a variety of things turned up in my inbox - in between some very tempting deals on pharmaceuticals. Today I received a link to this interesting site by Liang Jieming on Chinese Siege Warfare The site is bilingual and full of illustrations of historical weaponry.

Asian History Carnival #4

Filed under: — katrina @ 9:05 pm
It's up now at Miscellany. It's been slightly updated since I first put it up, Konrad sent me a few extra pieces.

Asian History Carnival

Filed under: — katrina @ 1:29 pm
I'll be hosting the next edition of the Asian History Carnival over at my site Miscellany on Friday 5th May. Please get any suggestions to me before then by email

Graduate Conference at Columbia

Filed under: — katrina @ 11:05 am
I participated in the East Asia Graduate Students conference at the weekend, and it was great to meet so many people working in the field, especially those with fields intersecting with mine. I also got to meet Motoe Sasaki-Gayle, another contributor to this site, as we were on the same panel, discussing the New Woman in China. It is a shame there is nothing equivalent to this in Europe, it is an idea I kicked around a bit at my college at Cambridge, the idea of hosting a graduate students conference, having seen how successful the Columbia model is, I might try to pursue it further. I hope the conference organisers publish the proceedings.

AHA Panel Proposal

Filed under: — katrina @ 5:59 am
Hello everyone I am trying to put together a panel for the AHA next year. I am interested in the construction of modern womanhood in early 20th century culture in East and Southeast Asia. This panel could also include comparative papers from other geographical areas. If any Frog in a Well readers would be interested in contributing, please email me Katrina

Katrina Gulliver: Self-introduction

Filed under: — katrina @ 8:38 am
I have just realised that despite posting a couple of times here, I have not actually introduced myself properly to the Frog in a Well community! So belatedly, here goes: I am a PhD student at Cambridge, doing research on China and Southeast Asia. My topic has drifted somewhat, suffering the slings and arrows of new publications altering the state of the literature. Broadly, I address Western perceptions of 'the East', specifically I am using women's writing, c.1880-1930. I also keep a blog ( Right now I am at the AHA in Philadelphia, if any other Frog in a Well contributors are about!!

danger + opportunity

Filed under: — katrina @ 5:56 am
This entry on looks at the misunderstanding of the construction of characters. This tendency - particularly among the writers of motivational/new age books it seems! - to interpret every hanzi character as imparting some kind of philosophical lesson is fascinating. I suppose it is part and parcel of the 'Eastern Wisdom' fetish, which also includes sanskrit tattoos.

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