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Something new at the Old Summer Palace?

Filed under: — Alan Baumler @ 11:32 am
I was at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing (Yuanmingyuan) There was something there I did not remember seeing before. ((I think I was last there in 2010? In any case they may have been there already and I just missed them))IMG_4340 They have replicas of the zodiac heads out for you to look at! Seen up close they look like a rather scary trial scene. IMG_4341 The heads were once in one of the main fountains, and were looted by the British and French in 1860. The return of the zodiac heads was big news a while back. Lillian Li gives a nice overview of the story of the burning of the Summer Palace and the subsequent history of the site. Particularly under the Communists it became a go-to site to explain the evils of foreign imperialism, and I can still remember listening to schoolkids get lectures about the evils of foreigners there. The site has been changing some of late though. Part of it is that the Qing emperors are starting to look better and better. They used to be feudal oppressors, now they are great Chinese rulers who happen to have come from a minority nationality. This makes it easier to play up the site a little more. Part of it also is the zodiac heads. As they came from the Summer Palace, are easily identified, and show up in the collections of rich foreigners and foreign museums they are a great symbol of China's stolen cultural patrimony. They make an even better symbol because the Chinese care about them more than foreigners do. They are really not very important as works of art, so foreigners are willing to give them up. The Elgin Marbles may be precious to Greece, but they are also among the crown jewels of the British Museum, so they are not going anywhere for now. With a bit of pressure, and cash, China can get the heads back. Also, China is not Greece. The two heads that China got back in 2013 were donated back by the head of Christie's, a luxury brand that of course sells a lot in China. I have not kept track of the exhibits at the Summer Palace and how and when they have changed, but my impression is that they are getting better. Better in the sense that the site is a place where China was despoiled by foreign imperialism, but also a site of cultural mixing of all sorts. There has been a lot of scholarship on this sort of thing, (see Lillian Li) and some of it is trickling into the exhibits. There is a lot more there than I remember on the Jesuits, and they have a series of before and after pictures showing the site in 1873, 13 years after the looting, and now, subtly making the point that a lot of what happened there happened after the looters left. A surprising number of things that have been restored to the site were found "on the campus of Beijing University." You really could make a marvellous museum out of all the things the site has been over the years, and it is nice to see that they are at least making baby steps in that direction.  


China’s first statue?

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I found this in 圖書日報, I think from 1910. It is a statue of Lin Zexu that may be China's first public statue. It is of course not the first statue to exist in China, but it may be the first time China had a proper Western-style Public Statue made of bronze. There was never much of a Chinese tradition of statuary and certainly none of public commemorative statues. Lin Zexu圖書日報 I assume that lots of Chinese visitors to Europe and the U.S. noted the statues of important public figures scattered all over foreign cities. The caption to this one is maddeningly unhelpful, but still interesting. The statue itself had been commissioned in Germany. ((Germany is interesting. Lin was famous for fighting with the British. I wonder if the Germans thought that emphasizing this was good politics.)) I wonder if it had been intended for some sort of public display.  It ended up being put in the 徐 family temple, which is not quite a public place, but reasonably close. The picture makes it look like it was facing out into the street, so it was in public view Before you get lots of public statues you need lots of public places, and public places were just starting to be created in China at this point. The interesting question is why Lin Zexu? A statue is a big deal, as it says you are well-deserved of the nation, and taking them down if you loose your status is a big thing. What makes you statue-worthy in the last years of the Qing? Well, he was an important statesman who was safely dead. He was well-known overseas, which is stressed in the caption, since in 1910 foreign impressions were important. Although the caption does not mention it, he was both someone who led the Qing resistance against imperialism and someone who was exiled by the Qing, so if you were pro or anti dynasty you could find something to like in him. Joyce Madancy pointed out that Lin got a statue in New York's Chinatown in part because he was from Fujian but became famous in Guangzhou, so he could appeal to different provincial groups. So he pushes a lot of buttons. The upper caption explains that China is now in the middle of successfully wiping out opium use. which probably helped. Before the successful Late Qing anti-opium campaigns, or after the campaign collapsed under the Republic Lin would not seem so statue-worthy, as he was connected with China's failure to deal with opium. After 1949 he was a feudal official, so no statues on the mainland at least. Today opium use is part of China's past, not present, and he is, I assume, a good statue candidate again.    


Zithromax For Sale

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China File has been following the attempts of the town of Bishan  to make itself into a tourist destination Zithromax For Sale, . Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in China, fast shipping Zithromax, Zithromax mg, and lots of localities are trying to find ways to draw in the crowds. Bishan is in the Huizhou region of Anhui, what is Zithromax, Buying Zithromax online over the counter, which was a very prosperous region in the Qing. Some of the other towns in the area have parlayed their local architecture into UNESCO World Heritage site status and big tourist money, Zithromax over the counter. Buy cheap Zithromax, In fact, beyond just tourists coming in, Zithromax interactions, Buy Zithromax without prescription, Huizhou architecture is being appropriated by shipped out, both by cultural institutions with impeccable pedigrees like the Peabody Essex Museum and by tacky zillionaires like Jackie Chan, where can i cheapest Zithromax online. Bishan is a little different, Zithromax For Sale. Where can i buy Zithromax online, They don't have much of the classic Huizhou architecture, and have been sort of left behind.  The attempt to draw in people is headed by the Wangs, Zithromax maximum dosage, Is Zithromax addictive, the long-time leading family of the district. While private museums and preservation efforts are not unknown in China the state usually takes the lead, australia, uk, us, usa, Zithromax alternatives, and the interpretation of the site, if any, purchase Zithromax for sale, Buy Zithromax online no prescription, is usually up to them.  For the Wangs, rebuilding ancestral halls and re-creating genealogies has its own value outside cash, doses Zithromax work, Herbal Zithromax, so this is a very local, grass-roots sort of project, where can i buy cheapest Zithromax online. Discount Zithromax, The thing that makes it really interesting to me is the clientele they are aiming at. Below is a picture of one the inns that have been built in the town (this one in an old rapeseed oil factory) to "cater to an international clientele who eschew the region's more popular modes of tourism"

Historical Value_ A Chinese Town Appraises Its Past _ ChinaFileI find this interesting because I am always struck by the different versions of China different tourists get to see, Zithromax used for. Zithromax For Sale, I'm usually particularly aware of this since I prefer going on the Chinese tours since they are cheaper and are more likely to include places connected with bits of Chinese history most foreigners have never heard of. Zithromax price, coupon, Chinese tourists are also more likely to ask interesting questions like "what happened to all the villagers who lived here before you built this historic site?"((See that guy emptying a trash can. That's where.)) Of course they also spit melon seeds everywhere, Zithromax from canadian pharmacy, Zithromax pharmacy, so you can see why foreigners would not want to be near them.

It's pretty obvious from the photo essay that China is starting to develop different tourist trails for different customers, Zithromax for sale, Real brand Zithromax online, and they will go to different places, be told different things, Zithromax steet value, Rx free Zithromax, read different things and see different things even when they are seeing the same things. In the picture there is some beautiful old Chinese writing which might be taken differently by Chinese and foreigners, ordering Zithromax online, Buy Zithromax from mexico, since if you don't know Chinese and nobody bothers to explain it you might think these are imperial inscriptions or something. ((the top one is THE PEOPLE'S COMMUNES ARE GOOD))

It's not just foreigners who want a different tourist experience of course, Zithromax For Sale. Rich and poor Chinese are bifurcating  more and more, Zithromax canada, mexico, india. Low dose Zithromax, Here is a picture I took while visiting the historic town of Pingyao   P2 Ok, Chinese people selling vegetables in the street, Zithromax pictures. My Zithromax experience, Big deal. Why would a middle-aged China hand like me waste film on that, Zithromax from mexico.

IMG_2157 Zithromax For Sale, Ok, a customer on a bike. Zithromax reviews, I really did not get enough pictures of daily life in bicycle China back in the day, maybe I wanted to capture that, Zithromax natural. Zithromax from canada, Nope, I needed pictures to go with this


A Chinese person ((maybe from Hong Kong or something, Zithromax description, Online buying Zithromax hcl, I didn't ask. There were a bunch of them)) taking pictures of people selling and buying vegetables. That's worth a picture. Maybe he will be off to Bishan after this.

The Bishan stuff at China File is an interesting on-going project, and you should check it out.

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Buy Lasix Without Prescription

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Buy Lasix Without Prescription, So I spent some time at the library going through 圖畫日報 Although it is not a paper that lasted long (1909-1910) there is lots of cool stuff here connected to the it's mission of exposing China to the world. No prescription Lasix online, World


One thing that leaped out at me was the picture of Chicago. It's part of an occasional series on famous places overseas, Lasix class. Lasix long term, chicago

Chicago is a city of skyscrapers, the ideal city " built of  clouds." (白雲砌成) including the 21 story 商務總會, ordering Lasix online, Cheap Lasix no rx, (commercial association building, maybe the Chicago Stock exchange?) a 13 story 婦奴節用會 (Women's holiday meeting place. Could this be Marshall Fields?) and an 11-story 大妓院 (da ji yuan) with 600 rooms, Lasix no prescription. 大妓院 would, I think, mean a brothel, Buy Lasix Without Prescription. Lasix street price, I'm guessing that this is a reference to Palmer House or one of the other big downtown hotels which were, as we all know, Lasix dosage, Buy cheap Lasix no rx, the haunts of  "adventuresses" in accounts of the city of sin.


Since I heard about Chicago as the first city of skyscrapers while growing up in Chicagoland I found this interesting, Lasix over the counter. Australia, uk, us, usa, The illustration is clearly not taken from pictures of the city, but it is also different from the generic pictures of foreign cities you get at this point, Lasix for sale. Generic Lasix, It is sort of a occidentalist picture. Chinoiserie seems to involve pulling apart elements of Chinese design and gluing them back together in ways that would look really odd to a Chinese person (compare your standard "westerner trying to do fake calligraphy" to Book From the Sky) and the same thing seems to be going on in this picture, order Lasix from United States pharmacy. Real brand Lasix online,  . Buy Lasix online cod. Lasix treatment. Cheap Lasix no rx. Buying Lasix online over the counter. About Lasix. Lasix coupon. Lasix maximum dosage. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Lasix from canada. Lasix photos. Online buying Lasix. Buy Lasix online no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Lasix online. Taking Lasix. Lasix pictures. Lasix cost. Where to buy Lasix. Lasix from mexico. Discount Lasix. Purchase Lasix online. Buy generic Lasix. Lasix duration. Order Lasix online overnight delivery no prescription. Lasix interactions. Lasix canada, mexico, india.

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Buy Biaxin Without Prescription

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Tea Leaf Nation has a post Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, up on a micro-trend of Chinese kids not going to college, or at least one parent not being willing to pay for it, on the grounds that “Today, even peddlers who collect garbage…make more money than many graduates.” This is also something of a trend in the U.S., where some rich people also think that college may be a waste of time. Taking Biaxin, College is of course not a universal of all human societies. Even in America lots of people have happy, discount Biaxin, Biaxin recreational, productive lives without ever going there. Most of the Americans saying that you should not go to college seem to be among the 1% who are extremely wealthy, Biaxin treatment, Comprar en línea Biaxin, comprar Biaxin baratos, and for them there is a point in not going. Why beat your brains out getting a degree if all it gets you is a shot at a $100, purchase Biaxin online no prescription, Biaxin dosage, 000 a year job. Great, that will keep you in toilet paper, but as a child of privilege why bother, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. ((Yes, Biaxin from canada, Kjøpe Biaxin på nett, köpa Biaxin online, beer and sex, but what else?)) College used to be one of the tickets to the middle class, buy no prescription Biaxin online, Online buying Biaxin, but as the U.S. abandons the model of the universal middle class society college attainment may shrink, Biaxin cost. Biaxin alternatives, A lot. If the only life choices are Wal-mart greeter vs, Biaxin natural. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, Wal-mart greeter with college debt, OR idle rich vs. Biaxin schedule, idle rich who used to write term papers and shared a bathroom why go to college.

China is trying to create a universal middle class society 小康, online buying Biaxin hcl, Online buy Biaxin without a prescription, ((They apparently don't realize that public education and free health care will lead to ..Socialism!)) but college there has, until recently, effects of Biaxin, Low dose Biaxin, been something to mark out an elite, not define a middle class, order Biaxin online c.o.d. Biaxin over the counter, As Tea Leaf Nation points out, Chinese colleges have been expanding exponentially in recent years, Biaxin used for, Biaxin pharmacy, and there is no way that you can fully maintain standards which that much expansion. Nor does just going to college make you a member of an elite nowadays, buying Biaxin online over the counter, Biaxin images, as much as the hordes of entrance-exam takers may hope it will.

In the last years of the Qing, when Western-style education was expanding far more rapidly than you could find qualified teachers, everybody who could get it wanted a degree, since it marked you as a member of an elite, even if you had not learned much, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. By the 1920's the figure of the semi-employed college grad became more common, Biaxin wiki. Order Biaxin online overnight delivery no prescription, Just having been to college no longer guaranteed a job or elite status.

I suspect China is going through a similar transition now, Biaxin pictures. Biaxin maximum dosage, The Chengdu dad in the TLN story may well be right about college. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, If Dad has pulled in enough cash to be one of China's new rich,and the kid did not get into Beida or Oxford, (which would give her elite status) what exactly does she need to go to college for. You can start your own business or get on the corporate ladder in China without a degree, buy generic Biaxin, About Biaxin, so it is not an entry ticket for the middle class. It's not as subsidized by the state as it used to be either, Biaxin canada, mexico, india. No prescription Biaxin online, You can spend some serious money on college. If your career goal is to or schmooze your Daddy's rich friends, ordering Biaxin online, Cheap Biaxin no rx, China does not have a proper set of 'playground for rich kids' schools as of yet.

Jimmy Stewart, the famous actor, grew up in the town my college is in, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. He went to Princeton, fast shipping Biaxin, Buy cheap Biaxin, which was a school for the wealthy, or like him the well-off, Biaxin samples. Biaxin photos, My school was here then, but it was called a Normal school because it was intended to educate teachers, Biaxin price, one of the few classes of people besides rich kids who were felt to need to go to college. The vast middle range of modern American higher ed did not exist then, and I suspect the U.S. is moving back towards that model. In China the process of sorting out universities into different categories is a lot less advanced, but I suspect the trend will continue (it did in the 1930's) They even have a bit of anti-intellectualism, Red in the Chinese case rather than Red, White and Blue, to push the trend along.


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Soma For Sale

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Soma For Sale, My historical methods course for the Fall will be looking at the Boxers, and I have been reading Jane Elliott's book on the Boxers. Where can i buy Soma online, ((Elliott, Jane E, buy Soma online no prescription. Soma forum, Some Did It for Civilisation, Some Did It for Their Country: a Revised View of the Boxer War, Soma used for. Soma reviews, Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2002.)) It's a really interesting book, doses Soma work, Is Soma safe, which among other things collects a lot of pictures and cartoons of the Boxers that I had never seen before.

The standard Western image of the Boxers eventually became that they were a gang of colourful, Soma without prescription, Buy cheap Soma, superstitious primitives (just like all non-White people) who had to be put down by the civilized, orderly forces of the West for the good of Civilization and China itself. ((The main book in the class in Cohen's History in Three Keys, order Soma from United States pharmacy, Soma blogs, which deals with some of this myth-making and above all how Chinese dealt with this relationship between "Boxerism" Chinese-ness and Anti-foreignism.)) You can see this narrative in the picture below, which is identified as U.S, Soma results. Marine Corps art, and which I remember from my High School history textbook, Soma For Sale. Soma pics, ((This picture is not in Elliot, but she does have a lot like it.))


One of the things that makes Elliot's book so interesting is that she shows how a less stereotyped narrative was present right from the beginning, where can i cheapest Soma online. Generic Soma, She argues that the Qing imperial troops actually did quite well against the foreigners. This makes the Late Qing reforms look better, Soma cost, Buy Soma no prescription, which fits in with a lot of recent scholarship. She also shows a number of contemporary images, Soma duration, Order Soma online overnight delivery no prescription, produced for commercial sale in the West, that make the Chinese look more modern, Soma street price, Order Soma online c.o.d, manly, and soldier-like than the standard narrative would suggest, Soma natural. Cheap Soma no rx, Chinese Boxers-RightsThis is Ben W. Killburn "Chinese Boys Defending Their Rights", buy no prescription Soma online, Soma brand name, sold to the American public in 1900

Boxers2Here is "Firing a Volley from the Shelter of a Bank -- Chinese Soldiers at Tien-tsin, China" These guys could almost be the Marines in the first picture, Soma class. Soma blogs, All these photos of Chinese soldiers as modern people were taken by Americans, or are in American collections, Soma street price, Soma canada, mexico, india, and she argues that the Americans had a much more developed tradition of war photography at this point than anyone else, and that they were less likely to want to see Chinese as something out of The Mikkado than the British, Soma cost. Soma forum, This is something I think I will try to do something with in class, as I am often amazed at how totally dead the old American Anti-imperialist tradition is, Soma natural. Soma wiki. Soma pictures. Ordering Soma online. Purchase Soma for sale. Purchase Soma. Online buying Soma hcl. Soma reviews. Where to buy Soma.

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Buy Clonidine Without Prescription

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A very sad post Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, from the Economist on the problem of the zodiac heads. Basically, Clonidine price, coupon, Is Clonidine safe, a wealthy Frenchman has agreed to donate two of the bronze heads stolen from the Summer Palace in 1860 back to 'China'. What I find most depressing is the use of the Summer Palace as a symbol of foreign oppression of the Chinese, Clonidine no rx. Clonidine dose, Yes, the torching of the Summer Palace was a crime against China, Clonidine wiki, Where can i buy Clonidine online, History, and Art, order Clonidine from United States pharmacy, Clonidine dosage, but the place itself is one of the greatest symbols of cultural borrowing and fusion you could imagine. Built by Qing emperors (who were not Han), about Clonidine, Clonidine over the counter, designed by Jesuits (who by definition identified with no nation), it is also the  perfect place to be all Chinese and write poems about the ruins of the old capital, Clonidine natural, Where to buy Clonidine, like Chinese poets used to write about Loyang.  The piece points out that  the site is being used to teach Chinese schoolchildren to hate the Other, which is really very depressing, Clonidine no prescription. Clonidine recreational,  

P.S. Don't read the comments, Clonidine coupon. Buy generic Clonidine. Clonidine results. Clonidine class. Clonidine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Discount Clonidine. Clonidine use. Clonidine images. Purchase Clonidine online. Clonidine brand name. Online Clonidine without a prescription. Purchase Clonidine online no prescription. Clonidine photos. Order Clonidine no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa. Clonidine reviews. Clonidine used for. Order Clonidine from United States pharmacy. Clonidine australia, uk, us, usa. Comprar en línea Clonidine, comprar Clonidine baratos. Clonidine natural. Where can i buy cheapest Clonidine online. Clonidine schedule. Is Clonidine addictive. Where can i cheapest Clonidine online. After Clonidine.

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Buy Stromectol Without Prescription

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One of the things we have read for the May Fourth class I am teaching is Liang Qichao's On the Relationship between Fiction and the Government of the People (論小說與羣治的關係 Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, ) ((published in 1902. Translation by Gek Nai Cheng from Denton, Buy Stromectol without prescription, Kirk, ed. Modern Chinese Literary Thought: Writings on Literature, doses Stromectol work, 1893-1945. Stromectol online cod, 1st ed. Stanford University Press, 1996.))  It is a good reading if you want to explain to students why May 4thers cared so much about literature, purchase Stromectol online, and also why everyone should care about literature.

As a good Confucian Liang of course sees no need to explain that literature can have a transformative effect on someone's mind and morals, or that this can be connected to the stability of the state, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Buy Stromectol online no prescription, Claiming that fiction (rather than, say, poetry) can do this will take more proving for his audience, where to buy Stromectol.

He claims that people enjoy fiction, Stromectol over the counter, of course, and it is easy to get them to read it. Besides being enjoyable, is Stromectol addictive, it lets us experience things outside our own lives. Stromectol price,

..human nature is such that it is often discontented with the world. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, The world with which we are in physical contact is spatially limited. Thus, apart from direct physical or perceptual contact with reality, after Stromectol, we also often desire to touch and perceive things indirectly; this is the life beyond one's life, Stromectol forum, the world beyond one's world. This sort of vision is inherent in both the sharp and the dullwitted. And nothing can transcend the power of fiction in molding the human into more intelligent or duller beings.  Thus, herbal Stromectol, fiction often leads us to a different world and transforms the atmosphere with which we are in constant contact.

It was through fiction that the May Fourthers met Nora Helmer, Stromectol maximum dosage, and Young Werther and it is nice to have Liang make this point for me. Fiction goes beyond this to have various powers to transform the individual.
The first power is called thurification, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. It is like entering a cloud of smoke and being thurified by it, kjøpe Stromectol på nett, köpa Stromectol online, or like touching ink or vermillion and being tinted by it. Buy cheap Stromectol, As mentioned in the Lanikavatara Sutra, the transformation of deluded knowledge to relative consciousness and of relative consciousness to absolute knowledge relies on this kind of power. When reading a novel, Stromectol from canadian pharmacy, one's perception, Australia, uk, us, usa, thinking, and sensitivity are unconsciously affected and conditioned by it. Gradually, taking Stromectol, changing day by day, Online Stromectol without a prescription, it makes its effect felt. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, And although the effect is momentary, alternating interruptions and continuations, over the course of a long period of time the world of the novel enters the mind of the reader and takes root there like a seedling with a special quality. Later, this seedling, Stromectol wiki, being daily thurified by further contact with fiction, Stromectol description, will become more vigorous, and its influence will in turn spread to others and to the entire world. This is the cause of the cyclical transformation of all living and non-living things in the world, purchase Stromectol. Thus, Stromectol duration, fiction reigns supreme because of its power to influence the masses.

My students did not know what thurification () meant, so I had to explain it. ((Google is your friend.)) This point fits in with a lot of stuff on the impact exposure to fiction  has on one's world-view, purchase Stromectol online no prescription, a point that goes back, Buy cheap Stromectol no rx, for me, to Orwell's Boy's Weeklies. The stuff you read creates your world-view in ways that you are not always consciously aware of, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Thus if you read lots of British Boys Weeklies of the 1930's you soak up a lot of old imperialist attitudes without realizing it, online buy Stromectol without a prescription. ((For instance, Stromectol from canada, simplistic and outdated stereotypes. From Orwell " In papers of this kind it occasionally happens that when the setting of a story is in a foreign country some attempt is made to describe the natives as individual human beings, but as a rule it is assumed that foreigners of any one race are all alike and will conform more or less exactly to the following patterns:..., online buying Stromectol hcl.

Spaniard, Stromectol without prescription, Mexican, etc.: Sinister, treacherous.

Arab, Stromectol pics, Afghan, Buy Stromectol without a prescription, etc.: Sinister, treacherous.

Chinese: Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Sinister, treacherous. Wears pigtail.))  If you were a regular reader of the satirical and irreverent Mad Magazine of the late 70's then.....Obviously the May 4th crowd wanted to transform the people, Stromectol without a prescription, and reforming fiction was able to transform not only the masses, Is Stromectol addictive, but non-living things as well.

While fiction can transform you without you knowing it, it can also do so more consciously, Stromectol images.

The second power is known as immersion. Buying Stromectol online over the counter, Whereas thurification is spatial and hence its effect is proportional to the space in which it acts, immersion is temporal, and its effect varies according to the length of time it operates, Stromectol street price. Immersion refers to the process in which a reader is so engrossed in a novel that it causes him to assimilate himself with its content, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. When one reads a novel, Stromectol price, coupon, very often one is unable to free oneself from its effect even long after having finished reading it. For instance, feelings of love and grief remain in the minds of those who have finished reading The Dream of the Red Chamber, Stromectol online cod, and feelings of joy and anger in those who have finished reading The Water Margin. Buy Stromectol from mexico, Why is it so. It is because of the power of immersion. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, It follows that if two works are equally appealing, the one that is longer and deals with more facts will have the greater power to influence the reader. This is just like drinking wine, my Stromectol experience. If one drinks for ten days, one will remain drunk for a hundred days. It was precisely because of this power of immersion that the Buddha expounded on the voluminous Avatamsaka Sutra after he had risen from under the Bodhi Tree.

I have not yet experimented with drinking for ten days and seeing if it keeps me drunk for 100. Perhaps the undergrads can try that one. I have, however, lived in novels and been influenced by them, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. So have my students. They are selling IUP Quiddich t-shirts at the bookstore, I assume because some of our students wish they were going to to Hogwarts instead of here. Nor has fiction done for me what the Bodhi Tree did for Gautama, and transformed me into the God of Gods, Unsurpassed doctor or surgeon, or Conqueror of beasts, although I suppose I could lay some claim to Teacher, if not Teacher of the World.  So the idea that one's reading turns one into a new person makes sense to us as well, and is in fact the foundation of Liberal Education.

Of course in some respects Liang is not a modern Liberal.  While he does not quite call for banning books he is not one of those (like almost all American teachers) who sees reading as either good or a waste of time, but certainly not something that could hurt you. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, There is a long tradition of condemnations of bad literature in China, and Liang is part of it

Nowadays our people are frivolous and immoral. They indulge in, and are obsessed with, sensual pleasures. Caught up in their emotions, they
sing and weep over the spring flowers and the autumn moon, frittering away their youthful and lively spirits. Young men between fifteen and thirty
years of age concern themselves only with overwhelming emotions of love, sorrow, or sickness. They are amply endowed with romantic sentiment
but lack heroic spirit. In some extreme cases, they even engage in immoral acts and so poison the entire society, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. This is all because of fiction. ......One or two books by frivolous scholars and marketplace merchants ((華士坊賈 I might translate that as 'alleyway merchants' or something like that)) are more than enough to destroy our entire society. The more fiction is discounted by elegant gentlemen as not worth mentioning, the more fully it w ill be controlled by frivolous scholars and marketplace merchants. As the nature and position of fiction in society are comparable to the air and food and indispensable to life, frivolous scholars and marketplace  merchants in fact possess the power to control the entire nation. Alas. If this situation is allowed to continue, there is no question that the future of our nation is doomed. Therefore, the reformation of the government of the people must begin with a revolution in fiction, and the renovation of the people must begin with the renovation of fiction.

If you want a clear analysis of the role of literature in human society, some Buddhist references, a denunciation of pop culture that might come from Big Hollywood, with a bit of the Great Learning at the end Liang Qichao is your man.



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Buy Cipro Without Prescription, NYT reporter Nick Kristof brought in a guest blogger, Han-Yi Shaw of Taiwan, to examine some new mid-Meiji documentation about Japan's relationship with the contested Senkaku/Daiyou islands. The core of Shaw's findings is

the Meiji government acknowledged Chinese ownership of the islands back in 1885.

After several abortive attempts to survey the islands, Cipro price, coupon, Where can i buy Cipro online, the Japanese government declared them incorporated Japanese territory during the Sino-Japanese war, despite recognizing that it should have been negotiated with China, cheap Cipro no rx. Where to buy Cipro, As territory seized in 1895, it should have been reverted to China in 1945, cheap Cipro, Cipro australia, uk, us, usa, but for a variety of reasons, including an administrative shift of the islands from Taiwan to Okinawa prefecture, online buying Cipro hcl, Cipro no prescription, it remained outside of negotiations until a few years later.

It's a reasonably persuasive presentation, comprar en línea Cipro, comprar Cipro baratos, Buy generic Cipro, historically, though I don't think that these details are going to shift Japanese nationalists, Cipro without prescription, Cipro natural, even mild or moderate ones, to support politicians who would abandon Japan's claim to these useless rocks which sit in such valuable territory, buying Cipro online over the counter. After Cipro, And as long as there's no particular cost to maintaining the claim -- Chinese hostility to Japan is not predicated on this issue sufficiently that abandoning the claim would eliminate anti-Japanese sentiment as a nationalist motivational tool of the mainland regime -- it seems unlikely that anything will change, except a few American lectures, where can i buy cheapest Cipro online. Purchase Cipro for sale,

. Canada, mexico, india. Buy Cipro without a prescription. Cipro online cod. Cipro canada, mexico, india. Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Cipro schedule. Online buy Cipro without a prescription. Order Cipro from United States pharmacy. Cipro from canada. Cipro maximum dosage. Cipro cost. Buy cheap Cipro. Is Cipro addictive. Is Cipro safe. Buy Cipro from mexico. Cipro interactions. Cipro from mexico. Cipro pictures. Cipro class. Cipro samples. Cipro overnight. Where can i cheapest Cipro online. What is Cipro. Cipro alternatives.

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Biaxin For Sale, As someone who is a member of an academic department and of two University-wide committees I think a lot about bureaucracy. Since I am teaching Modern China this semester I am also thinking about the history of bureaucracy. Actually, Biaxin forum, I'm not sure it -has- a history, since the basic principles seem to be timeless and unchanging. The example below comes from Huang Liu-hung's A Complete Book Concerning Happiness and Benevolence Written in 1694 this is a manual for district magistrates; the men who, having passed the civil service exams, cheap Biaxin, were now to be sent out to run a county, the basic building block of the Chinese administrative system. Biaxin online cod, Just like recent graduates everywhere, they found that their education did not fully prepare them for the world of work. This sample is an informal report that Huang sent, Biaxin For Sale. He is complaining about two military officials who are in his district but not under his command. He is complaining to their superior, after Biaxin, (who is not his superior) about their performance in office. This missive is sent on the occasion of Huang starting his mourning leave (unplanned) so it is not clear if he was warming up to send this in any case and wants to get it in before he goes, Ordering Biaxin online, or if he just figures this is a good time for a parting shot. As it is an informal complaint he does not have to prove anything or track down the source of any rumours, but since he is an official and sent this letter it has the potential to put Commander Yang in a bad spot if things blow up in the future and it is clear that he has not looked into this warning. Biaxin For Sale, If you want to understand perfect bureaucratic trouble-making, this is it.


An Informal Report Presented to Provincial Military Commander Yang
Since your humble subordinate arrived at the post, Biaxin blogs, he has paid special attention to the organisation of the pao-chia system and ordered patrolling duties day and night because T'an-cheng, being close to the wooded hills of I-chou, Purchase Biaxin for sale, I-hsien, and the Western Hills, and bordering P'ei-hsien and Su-ch'ien in Kiangsu province,  is a convenient refuge for lawbreakers from these places, Biaxin long term. ((The border of two administrative regions was always a popular location for bandits.)) Your humble subordinate has also made frequent night inspections himself to insure the peace of the district and relieve Your Excellency's anxiety. ((I have gone above and beyond my responsibilities.)) As to the garrison officers stationed in the district, Biaxin price, coupon, your humble subordinate has tried to cultivate their friendship. The soldiers of the two military posts have also been entertained frequently. Since the civil and military personnel are colleagues, their cooperation is needed in times of emergency, Biaxin For Sale. Your humble subordinate has been the magistrate of T'an-ch'eng for two years. Fortunately, buy Biaxin online cod, the unlawful elements have not attempted to create trouble during this period. This is mainly due to Your Excellency's authority which has been acknowledged far and wide, Where can i buy cheapest Biaxin online, and also to the cooperation of the garrison officers, who have carried out the good intentions of their commander.

Unfortunately, your humble subordinate has lost his father and while in deep grief is awaiting the arrival of the succeeding magistrate, purchase Biaxin. Biaxin For Sale, Recent news from intelligence sources indicates that outlaw groups in P'ei-hsien and Su-ch'ien are preparing to take some action. ((So nothing has happened yet, but I have reason to think it may soon.)) The safety of the whole district will depend upon the garrison officers. Biaxin over the counter, Traditionally two officers are stationed in this district: one in the city, responsible for protecting the district seat, granaries, and treasuries; and the other in Hung-hua-pu, is Biaxin addictive, responsible for control of the main thoroughfare of the district. Only people with ability, Biaxin from canadian pharmacy, courage, experience, and determination can discharge these heavy duties with success.
Lieutenant X, Biaxin description, who is now stationed in the city, is good natured but too easygoing and lackadaisical. ((A bit of praise makes it clear that the criticism is not just personal)) Lieutenant Y, stationed in Hung-hua-pu, is young and arrogant and maintains no discipline over his soldiers, Biaxin For Sale. About Biaxin, The two officers, therefore, are less than perfect. Your humble subordinate has enjoyed the confidence of Your Excellency for a long time, buy no prescription Biaxin online. He cannot keep silent when it is his duty to report what he has heard-hence this  confidential report.

The deployment of soldiers in the various townships should be frequently reviewed, Biaxin schedule, yet Lieutenant X has never ventured outside the city gate to check their performance. Biaxin For Sale, He is not known to have fulfilled any night patrol duty for months on end, which proves that he is rather negligent of his duties. One of the squad leaders, Chang San, allowed his wife to gather wheat from neighbor Shao Chiin-ai's field on the tenth day of the fifth month, is Biaxin safe. Two soldiers, Chang Chin and Shih Erh, Biaxin reviews, forcibly sickled the grain of
the village elder Chang Mao-te on the twenty-third day of the sixth month. ((Lots of very damming specifics, yet oddly no reports on the the criminal prosecution of these malefactors.)) When Chang Mao-te went to question ,them, Biaxin coupon, they assembled their comrades and beat him brutally. The chief warden examined the victim and declared that "the wounds covered his whole body like fish scales:' The people of the whole district are uneasy about the incidents. ((Always good to add some customer reaction)) When soldiers are allowed to beat people at will, what discipline is there, Biaxin For Sale. Biaxin maximum dosage, Chang San also manacled the night-watchman Wang Chia-ying; another soldier, Chen Yu, knifed the tax prompter Li Ying-yang; and a squad leader named Wang let his son Yuan-chen and others hit the runner Wang Chin-li until the latter's face was covered with blood. These victims were all employees of the district yamen, Biaxin mg. ((If they will attack other officials they must really be out of control. Just like a cop-killer is worse than a regular killer.)) Another soldier, Online buying Biaxin hcl, Tai Chin, entered the house of constable Chao Ying-chi, demanded drinks and raped his wife. Biaxin For Sale, These incidents illustrate the way the yamen staff are mistreated by the garrison soldiers. However, buy cheap Biaxin no rx, the said lieutenant was guilty only of lack of discipline, not knowing how to control his men; there was no intentional malice involved. Biaxin results, ((What will you bet that the next officer will be outright malicious. ))

The other lieutenant's performance has been even more outrageous. He has led his men in committing all kinds of atrocities. For instance, when he was making a call at the time of his arrival at the post, he met a courier of the office of the Director General of Grain Transport, Yang Shou-fu, on the road, Biaxin For Sale. When the courier did not dismount to let him have the right-of-way, Biaxin treatment, the lieutenant was incensed. He had the courier manacled and brought to his garrison headquarters and did not release the latter until after dark. Biaxin dosage, The courier was detained for a whole day just because he failed to dismount. Only express documents marked with time limits are carried by mounted couriers. Biaxin For Sale, Who but the courier would be blamed if delivery was delayed.
The market of Hung-hua-pu is a strategic point on the north-south communication line. The key to the gate of the stockade of the town has traditionally been kept by the village headman, Biaxin without a prescription. When a messenger from the post station had to pass through, theheadman would open the gate for him at any time. Biaxin price, Since the arrival of the lieutenant, the key has been kept at garrison headquarters. Sometimes when messengers are held up at the gate they try to run the blockade or beat the grooms, Biaxin For Sale. If a memorial or
an imperial order must be delivered urgently, who bears the responsibility for such a delay, Biaxin pics.

By tradition there has been an annual festival celebrated at the Hung-hua-pu market in honor of the horse deity. During one such festival a stage play was in progress when the lieutenant arrived. Biaxin street price, The female impersonator did not stand up to show respect for a dignitary. Biaxin For Sale, The lieutenant had him flogged. Not until all spectators knelt before him and begged for clemency did the flogging stop; the actor had already received three heavy blows. The lieutenant had walked into the theater unannounced. How
could he punish the female impersonator for insolence, buy Biaxin without a prescription. This is only one instance of his arrogance.
One time garrison soldier Chang Wen-teng and other soldiers went to sleep while on duty, having ordered night watchmen Chang Yin-shan and T'ang Hsiao-shih to make their rounds, Biaxin For Sale. When the latter wandered too far from the garrison, Cheap Biaxin no rx, the soldiers had them suspended in the air and beaten. The people of the market sympathized but made no protest. When Chancellor Kuo of the Grand Secretariat passed through Hung-hua-pu, a squad leader named Lu and others went to the post station and commandeered
four horses to perform some military transportation duty, where to buy Biaxin. The horses were not sent back until the next day at sunset and were almost dead of exhaustion. Biaxin For Sale, This shows how reckless Lieutenant Y's soldiers were.
The most startling incident of all happened on the eighth day. Biaxin used for, ((They also seem very likely to get Y's boss in trouble with higher-ups))
The most starling incident of all happened on the eighth day of the seventh month, when there was an altercation between a Hung-hua-pu post station groom named Chang T'iao-yuan and an egg seller, Wang T'ai-p'ing. A garrison soldier named Chiang Te-sheng suddenly intervened and beat the groom with a heavy object, Biaxin cost. When the groom reported the incident to the lieutenant, the latter not only did not discipline his soldier, Biaxin dose, he ordered squad leader Lu to beat the groom to the brink of death. From then on
the garrison soldiers turned on the grooms at every opportunity, Biaxin For Sale. The result was that the entire group of grooms left the post for several days during which urgent documents could not be delivered. All these incidents were witnessed by the people of the market.
The intent of the government in establishing local garrisons is to protect the people, buy Biaxin from canada. These garrison soldiers are committing all kinds of atrocities, and their officers not only fail to keep them in bounds but encourage them by taking part in their outrageous activities. Biaxin For Sale, The relationship between the people and the military is threatened, not to speak of the protection supposedly afforded by the military.
Battalion Commander Chu Cheng-ming and Lieutenant Shih Ying-pei, who were formerly in command of garrison headquarters in T'an-ch'eng, were respected by the soldiers and loved by the people. ((so the problem does not lay in the soldiers or the district)) When on night patrol they always went before their
soldiers. Both could be labeled officers with ability, courage, experience and determination. When Battalion Commander Chu was ordered transferred to another post in the winter of the ninth
year of K'ang-hsi, your humble subordinate sent a petition, based on an appeal from the people, to retain him at the post. However, Your Excellency refused to approve the request on the ground that the established regulation should not be interfered with, Biaxin For Sale. Now, may your humble subordinate repeat his request to have Chu Ch'eng-ming and Shih Ying-p'ei replace the incumbents, so that the soldiers will once more be disciplined and the peace of the district protected.

Your humble subordinate has never offended the garrison officers during his tour of duty at T'an-cheng. Why should he bring wrath upon himself now that he is about to leave the post. It is prompted by his concern for the future safety of the district which has nothing to do with his personal feelings toward either the former or the incumbent officers. Biaxin For Sale, It is urgently hoped that Your Excellency will kindly consider his request for the benefit of the people of the district. Your humble subordinate will feel
forever grateful.
A Follow-Up Report
With regard to the case of Shao Chun-ai, your humble subordinate had already sent a petition which must have reached the attention of Your Excellency.

Your humble subordinate harbored no acrimony against the two officers. He did not expect Your Excellency to order a thorough investigation. It was your humble subordinate's concern for the future welfare of the district that prompted him to request a change of the garrison officers, Biaxin For Sale. Since your humble subordinate had enjoyed Your Excellency's trust for a long time, he had no reservations about what he thought should be made known to Your Excellency. It was not his intention to make these incidents
into a big case. Now, not only is the future of these two officers hanging in the balance, your humble subordinate also feels remorseful for taking such a blundering action.
Your humble subordinate has received your instruction to summon the important witnesses Chung San and others, some thirty odd people. Biaxin For Sale, The order will, of course, be carried out. However, those summoned are mostly artisans or laborers who support themselves by manual work. The distance between the
provincial capital and the district is over 700 li. They cannot earn a livelihood while traveling such a long distance back and forth. When they heard about the summonses, they were scared and
came very near running away. Your Excellency's order was intended for the preservation of peace of the district, but it resulted in the creation of alarm and loss of livelihood for these poor people, Biaxin For Sale. This is not what your humble subordinate had expected from Your Excellency's benevolent decision.

Accordingly, your humble subordinate sincerely implores that the cases be dismissed without further investigation. ((Not sure if this is a final bit of CYA, or if the response from above was more potent than expected.)) Not only will the future careers of these two officers be preserved, the conscience of your humble subordinate can rest at ease. The summoned witnesses, Shao Chun-ai, Chung San, and others
will also receive the benefit of Your Excellency's wise decision, which will symbolise both mercy and authority. Your humble subordinate dares to present this irrational request because he has continuously enjoyed Your Excellency's favor and hopes that the request will be granted.

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