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In my discussion of the job market Macrobid For Sale, I said "I only saw two Korea positions, which seems about par for previous years: at some point, though, Korea positions should catch up with Japan ones." Morgan Pitelka took exception, noting (correctly) that

Other than UCLA, which continues to have one of the most productive Korean studies programs outside of Korea, and perhaps Harvard and Columbia, how many grad schools are cranking out Korean studies PhDs. I also know of only a handful of liberal arts colleges with any substantial Korean studies, Ordering Macrobid online, and rarely language. Very few regional/MA-granting universities have substantial Korean studies. Almost all have some Japanese studies, purchase Macrobid for sale. Also, After Macrobid, as far as I know, few colleges or universities DON’T have access to study abroad in Japan. On the other hand, most colleges and universities don’t have study abroad options in Korea.
He's absolutely right, of course: Korean studies doesn't have the infrastructure Japanese studies does in the US (( or anywhere in the West, I think, but I'm just going to go with what I know )) and that means that -- like the painfully slow growth of MidEast studies and Islamic history after 9/11 -- it will take real time and effort to build, Macrobid For Sale. But that's a symptom, Macrobid photos, I think, Herbal Macrobid, not the root of the issue. As I said, "Korean history is no less interesting than Japanese history, Macrobid from canada, and the US is no less involved in Korean affairs than it is in Japanese affairs."

Another commenter, Order Macrobid from mexican pharmacy, "Overthinker" offered a cultural explanation:

There seem to be three fundamental reasons why Japanese Studies is “bigger” than Korean. One is that WW2 was more significant that the Korean War, and has given us longer-lasting imagery; household words like Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima that everyone knows about, Macrobid price, coupon, whereas to most people the Korean War is basically Klinger in a dress. Effects of Macrobid, Second is the dominance of Japanese products in the marketplace: while LG and Samsung etc are strong players, they have not yet achieved the dominance of Toyota, Sony, Macrobid pharmacy, and Nintendo. Macrobid For Sale, Third is the generally “cooler” images of Japan. Macrobid alternatives, Think of Korea, and most Americans would be hard-pressed to think beyond the aforementioned M*A*S*H and perhaps Kim Il Jung singing “I’m so ronery”. Mention Japan and people think of samurai and geisha and ninja, herbal Macrobid, plus robots and giant rubber monsters stomping Tokyo on a regular basis. Where can i buy cheapest Macrobid online, All these three factors would seem to indicate a greater interest in Japan at the BA level, which translates to bigger graduate programs, and more PhDs in the area, Macrobid cost. To become bigger, Purchase Macrobid for sale, Korea needs to become more popular - more people at the undergrad level need to be curious about the place.

This is closer, I think: I definitely agree that Japan's lead in economic and cultural production is a part of the puzzle. The relationship between pop culture images and student demand is not always straightforward, but it is true that there is more Japanalia in American culture than Koreania (( No, I don't know that "Koreania" is a word: would "Koreanalia" be closer, Macrobid For Sale. )) and more interest in the cultural roots of its economic success (( I just had a discussion with my World History students about Musashi's Book of Five Rings..., Macrobid class. )) because that success was so striking in the 80s. Canada, mexico, india, But, as I've said before, "there’s no question that a historian can’t complicate by talking about what led up to it" and I think the key to this puzzle is earlier, order Macrobid no prescription. Much earlier: I think it starts in 1853. Macrobid For Sale, Japan is opened up to foreign intercourse twenty years before Korea, and is more strategically important, in the age of sea power. Buy no prescription Macrobid online, As a result, there are more foreigners in Japan earlier, and Japan, buying Macrobid online over the counter, along with China, Buy Macrobid from canada, becomes a critical touchstone in the understanding of "the Orient." The Meiji Restoration helps, too: as China was descending into chaos and Korea was still keeping the doors closed, Japan embarked on its great modern project, where can i order Macrobid without prescription, whch got a lot of attention from the West and brought a lot of Western scholars to Japan. Macrobid from mexico, From that point forward, there will be continual growth in Japanese studies, much of it facilitated by the Japanese government, where can i buy Macrobid online. (( bringing foreign scholars to Japan, Macrobid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, sending Japanese students to the West, promoting Japanese accomplishments through friendly journalists, reviving and revising traditional culture for modern/foreign consumption, Macrobid for sale, etc. Macrobid street price, )) Korea, geographically, isn't as important to the sea power-sensitive great powers, no prescription Macrobid online, and so Western Korean studies was largely the province of missionaries who were largely uninterested in transmitting Korean culture or history to the West. Within a decade of Korea's "opening" it was clear that Japan and China would be the dominant powers there, and by the early 1900s Western powers were formally acknowledging Japan's "special interests" in Korea, Macrobid For Sale. Where to buy Macrobid, None of this is news, but the lack of substantial progress in Korean studies has to be linked to the its irrelevance to Western interests. By 1910, Macrobid forum, of course, Order Macrobid online overnight delivery no prescription, Korea was part of the Japanese Empire, and Japan then spent the better part of the next thirty-five years trying to obscure the existence of Korean culture and heritage, while promoting Japanese culture and heritage to the hilt, buy Macrobid online cod, and Western interest largely followed that lead. Macrobid overnight, With the rise of Japanese militarism in the 1930s and 40s, in particular, the strategic interest in Japanese studies grew, Macrobid pics, while Korea, Order Macrobid from mexican pharmacy, as a colony of Japan, was roughly coequal with Taiwan (and secondary to Manchuria) in US interest.

Though WWII was a vicious experience on all sides, real brand Macrobid online, Americans had fairly positive experiences once they actually got to Japan in the post-war period (( nothing like being occupiers in a country which has actually surrendered, Comprar en línea Macrobid, comprar Macrobid baratos, eh. Macrobid For Sale, )), while very few Americans were in Korea until the breakout of the Korean War, and then their experiences were, predictably, fairly negative, not the kind of thing to promote deeper interests in tradition, history and culture (such as was left, after Japan's cultural obliteration). The first generation of GI Bill Japan scholars was getting their Ph.D.s and settling into the GI Bill-expanded American academy while the Korean war was still an open wound, and while South Korea was going through its post-war recovery (( and North Korea was becoming a model Stalinist state, about Macrobid, another factor against an interest in Korean traditions or history, Macrobid canada, mexico, india, instead making North Korean studies part of the general body of Cold War political science )) Japan was experiencing the "Miracle" economy and attracting all kinds of economic and sociological attention. Japan's exports -- kitsch, cars, Macrobid no rx, steel and sushi -- were strong in the 1970s, despite the economic slowdown, and Japan's democratic government -- one-party, but still with elections and changing PMs and student movements -- was considerably more familiar and friendly than either of the Korean systems. Japan was also, once again, putting considerable money into cultural promotion, with the Japan Foundation established in the early 70s. (( They paid for my research. Yours, Macrobid For Sale. I'm not saying that scholarship on Japan is "bought and paid for" but that the Japanese government (and a few NGOs as well) has done a remarkable job at facilitating any and all who are interested in Japan to pursue those interests. ))

By the 1980s, the Japan Boom was in full swing -- backlash and all -- and South Korea was just starting to become known as a source for very small cars and cheap electronics. Only in the 90s could Korea's economic and political situation begin to attract wider attention, and scholars -- some with personal experience, some looking at Asia with an eye to the gaps in the scholarship -- began to look at Korean questions in more substantial numbers.

I'm not going to try to predict the future, but it seems to me that Korean studies is roughly where Japanese studies was in the 70s, though with, perhaps, the added challenge of having strongly established China and Japan studies programs in place already. There's a lot of room for expansion, still, and if Korean studies starts to get traction, it could claim a lot of that new territory. (( China's going to continue to be the 600-lb gorilla, of course, but that's a whole other set of discussions )) As I said when I joined this blog, I think a lot of progress in Japanese historiography is going to depend on progress in Korean historiography, and that won't come unless there are more Korean historians.


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Plavix For Sale

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Plavix For Sale, This could be a very interesting year for the job market, not to mention for Asian history blogging. I know of three Asian history bloggers on the hunt for new jobs this year: none of them have started blogging about the experience, Plavix schedule, but I'd like to invite them -- or any other blogger with an eye on the lists -- to start, at least a little bit. (( I'm not going to name the other ones here: it's entirely up to them whether they want to take any aspect of this already grinding process public, order Plavix from United States pharmacy. ))

It's always been a bit of a curiousity to me that there isn't more discussion on the blogs or listservs of the state of the market. Buy Plavix without a prescription, Faculty with tenure don't care, except perhaps about very particular opportunities. People already in tenure-track positions aren't supposed to be watching the ads: makes the department nervous about their "committment." People who are fresh on the market don't want to .., Plavix For Sale. well, my Plavix experience, spook potential employers, Plavix no prescription, mostly, though they might also be concerned about giving away too much about their own search decisions to competitors, as well, is Plavix safe. Me. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Well, my blogging is already on my vita, so it's not like I'm trying to hide it from potential employers, Plavix pictures. (( Like I could, Fast shipping Plavix, at this point. Not Plavix For Sale, . )) I'm a blogger: I talk about things that interest me.

Well, Plavix treatment, the majority of this year's crop of jobs has been posted, Plavix use, and it's time to take stock. I'll start.

How I see

When I look at the market, buy Plavix online no prescription, I divide it up into four groups, Buy Plavix no prescription, roughly:

  • Japan jobs: usually at top-tier research or teaching institutions, these positions require little or no teaching outside of Japanese history (though interdisciplinary program-building comes up sometimes). A department doesn't hire a Japan specialist unless they've got a lot of other bases covered, and large departments like that often have a strong research orientation, four- or five-course per year teaching loads, graduate programs, Plavix For Sale.

  • Asia or East Asia jobs: East Asia positions usually want someone who can teach at least China and Japan (( I haven't noticed any which mention Korea specifically, low dose Plavix, but sometimes they mention Vietnam )) ; Asia positions often include South Asia as a desirable teaching field. Plavix mg, A regional survey is very often a required part of the teaching load, part of the contribution to general education. Sometimes a regional or period specialization is specified, Plavix recreational, which can mean either pre-existing programs or the presence of other Asianists in a department. Plavix price, coupon, These positions are usually in medium-sized departments with strong US/European coverage, and some non-Western history; sometimes these are fairly distinguished schools with strong research expectations, and/or very high standards for teaching, discount Plavix, and graduate programs are also a possibility.

  • Asia + World Plavix For Sale, jobs: A lot like the above category -- China and Japan, sometimes India, plus a regional survey are expected courses -- plus some World History teaching. Buy Plavix from mexico, Sometimes very large teaching-oriented departments, but more often smaller departments with a lot of general education service expected. Rarely less than a 3-3 teaching schedule, Plavix samples, and specified regional specialties usually indicate what they think students will be interested in (or other external factors) rather than the presence of other Asian historians. Plavix pharmacy,

  • World + Asia jobs: Sometimes "Non-Western World" jobs with no region specified, these positions are always heavily oriented to general education teaching, often with 4-4 teaching loads and multiple sections of World History required on a regular basis, Plavix australia, uk, us, usa. These may be small departments in large institutions (actually, Plavix description, they're almost always small relative to the institution), medium-sized or large departments without a lot of depth, or departments which have some non-western coverage but which need World History sections more than they need regional speciality courses, Plavix dose. Community colleges, if they have any non-Western history at all, usually fall into this category, Plavix For Sale. (( But they don't usually advertise nationally, Plavix interactions, so it's harder to gauge that segement of the market ))

I wonder if Americanists or Europeanists see a similar kind of segmentation, or if the descriptions shake out in a different pattern. I haven't said anything about period specification, Plavix photos. Sometimes it means that a department already has someone who covers a period, Online buy Plavix without a prescription, and they want to fill their gap. More often it seems like departments specify "modern" or "post-1500" because they don't think medievalists or classicists are going to "speak to their students" or something like that. Plavix For Sale, Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like there are a lot of jobs that specify "modern" in departments without a premodern Asianist.

I haven't said anything about desirability, buy cheap Plavix, either. Australia, uk, us, usa, Most people seem to rank these more or less the way I have them listed here, with Japan jobs the top of the heap and World-heavy positions mostly drudgery. In terms of institutional prestige and pay, Plavix without prescription, potential for research productivity, Plavix natural, that's certainly true; in terms of what graduate students are prepared for by their mentors, that's certainly true. I have a soft spot for the broader positions, generic Plavix, though: all of my tenure-track positions so far have been East Asia + World, Plavix over the counter, and I've really come to appreciate Chinese history much more than I used to, and World history has kept me on my toes and introduced me to history as a discipline in ways I'd never really considered before. Being something of a generalist has been very good for me as a scholar: perhaps it's because of my transnational focus, but it allows me to draw on theory and comparisons and context outside my narrrow field with much greater comfort and understanding than I did when I was a callow youth, Plavix For Sale. (( And there's the "reaching young minds" thing, online buying Plavix hcl, since general education surveys are often the only history students take, Plavix blogs, etc. ))

What I see

I think the market for Japanese historians is at least as good as it's been anytime in the last ten years. There are a healthy number of straight Japan jobs: in the mid/late 90s it seemed that Japan's economic slump (and China's rising star) was cutting into the growth of top-tier positions, Plavix from canada. This year, Plavix from canadian pharmacy, though, due to some retirements, some movement and some expansion, order Plavix online c.o.d, there are some high-class institutions who are going to be chasing the top talent: UC-Berkeley, Cheap Plavix no rx, NYU, Boston, UH-Manoa, online Plavix without a prescription, William and Mary, Arizona State, DePaul. Plavix For Sale, There is a strong East Asia/Asia category as well, about a dozen jobs including Skidmore and Fordham, Colorado at Denver, and UNC-Charlotte. There are about the same number of Asia+World jobs, and about the same number again for World+Asia; lots of State schools in these categories. I'm a little surprised, actually, that there isn't a more pyramidal distribution, and I'm wondering if the adjunctification of World History teaching has cut into tenure-track lines in the two World-inclusive categories, perhaps shifted a few jobs into the straight Asia category.

The market for China historians -- at a glance, since I'm not focused on those jobs -- seems strong: more straight China jobs than Japan ones, and a few Asia/Asia+world jobs which specify Chinese specialization. (( and Chinese historians have an advantage in World positions, since what they study is a demonstrably large portion of same )) I only saw two Korea positions, which seems about par for previous years: at some point, though, Korea positions should catch up with Japan ones. South Asian and Middle Eastern positions seem to be doing well (( again, I haven't tracked them year to year, but it seems like both are up a lot in the last few years )) with a fair number of "Asia" positions explicitly mentioning these specialities as desirable, Plavix For Sale.

Other things: more online applications, a lot of them using the same HR software. (( We toyed with the idea of using a system like this once, but we were nervous about being technology guinea pigs for HR and since we require transcripts and letters on paper, it wasn't immediately clear that it would reduce our workload. Anyone out there used one recently and want to comment on the difference. )) Fewer positions requesting transcripts and writing samples up front. Fewer ads mentioning "competitive salary" or benefits.

What I don't know is how competitive the market is going to be this year: are there a lot of new Ph.D.s in the hunt. Are Asian history Ph.D.s starting to pile up in the adjunct ranks the way Americanists and Europeanists are.

How does it look to you.

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Buy Premarin Without Prescription

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Buy Premarin Without Prescription, Some of you may know about this tool already, but I just discovered Matthias Schemm's wonderful NengoCalc, an online or offline converter of Japanese and Western dates.

Converting premodern Japanese dates to the Western calendar is extremely tricky because the years were not coterminus until Japan's adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1873, is Premarin addictive. Premarin coupon, So, to cite a well known example, Premarin online cod, Premarin results, Tokugawa Ieyasu was born on the 26th day of the 12th month of the 11th year of the reign period Tembun. Most of Tembun 11 corresponds to 1542, Premarin duration, Doses Premarin work, but not all of it. As NengoCalc nicely informs us, what is Premarin, Purchase Premarin online, Ieyasu was born on January 31, 1543, kjøpe Premarin på nett, köpa Premarin online, Premarin price, which happened to be a Wednesday.

Thanks Matthias, Premarin used for. Effects of Premarin. Premarin dosage. Purchase Premarin. Buy generic Premarin. Rx free Premarin. Purchase Premarin online no prescription. Where can i find Premarin online. Get Premarin. Where can i cheapest Premarin online. Premarin without a prescription. Premarin trusted pharmacy reviews. Taking Premarin. Premarin long term. Cheap Premarin. Online buying Premarin. Buy Premarin without prescription. Premarin dangers. Premarin reviews. Buy cheap Premarin no rx. Ordering Premarin online. Premarin images. Premarin wiki. After Premarin. Premarin brand name. Premarin steet value. Premarin maximum dosage. Premarin from mexico. Purchase Premarin online. Premarin without prescription.

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Buy Lasix Without Prescription

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fukuoka-jogakuin-1921.jpg Buy Lasix Without Prescription, For years private girls academy Fukuoka Jogakuin in Kyushu has been credited with first introducing in 1921 the famous sailor-style uniform worn by so many middle-school Japanese girls. However a recent investigation by a uniform manufacturer preparing an exhibit on the history of Japanese school uniforms has unearthed photographic evidence that Heian Jogakuin in Kyoto introduced a uniform with a sailor-style flap one year earlier, is Lasix safe, Lasix interactions, in 1920.

heian-jogakuin-1920.jpg The debate has heated up, Lasix description, Buy Lasix online no prescription, with both schools insisting that they were the first and that the other schools claim is invalid. At a time when declining numbers of Japanese children are forcing private schools to become increasingly cuthroat in their competition for students, Lasix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Generic Lasix, having an awesome uniform with a storied past is seen as a way to attract students.

While it seems incontrovertable that the Kyoto school had the sailor flap first, cheap Lasix, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, their uniform was an unsightly, shapeless one-piece, my Lasix experience, Lasix dangers, where as the Fukuoka school's uniform is clearly a precursor to the style still in use today, so maybe both schools have a reasonable claim, Lasix class. Lasix trusted pharmacy reviews, Source: セーラー服:発祥論争 平安女学院VS福岡女学院 (毎日新聞)
. Lasix dose. Online buying Lasix hcl. Fast shipping Lasix. Lasix pictures. Lasix results. Lasix recreational. Buy cheap Lasix. Online buy Lasix without a prescription. Buy Lasix without prescription. Buy Lasix from mexico. Lasix price, coupon. Where can i buy cheapest Lasix online. Where to buy Lasix. Low dose Lasix. Lasix long term. Lasix blogs. Lasix price. Lasix from canada. Lasix treatment. Lasix street price. Lasix cost. Lasix no rx. Lasix samples. What is Lasix. Lasix images. Australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Lasix from canada. Ordering Lasix online.

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Cafergot For Sale

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Cafergot For Sale, I just wanted to announce that we will be hosting an Asian History Carnival at the Frog in a Well: China weblog on October 10th. Read more about the Asian History Carnival and how you can nominate posts for inclusion here, Cafergot used for. Doses Cafergot work, The carnival will include excellent weblog postings on Asian History written since August 8th, along with some related online resources, Cafergot use. Buy Cafergot no prescription, You can also easily recommend nominations by tagging them on with the tag "ahcarnival" ( Get Cafergot. Purchase Cafergot online no prescription. Order Cafergot online overnight delivery no prescription. Order Cafergot from United States pharmacy. Cafergot natural. Discount Cafergot. Real brand Cafergot online. Taking Cafergot. Where can i buy Cafergot online. Cafergot forum. Buy Cafergot online cod. Cafergot from canadian pharmacy. Cafergot wiki. Order Cafergot no prescription. Cafergot reviews. Kjøpe Cafergot på nett, köpa Cafergot online. Cafergot dosage. Cafergot over the counter. Effects of Cafergot. Where can i order Cafergot without prescription. Cafergot coupon. Cheap Cafergot no rx. Cafergot duration. Comprar en línea Cafergot, comprar Cafergot baratos. Cafergot australia, uk, us, usa. Cafergot alternatives. Buy cheap Cafergot no rx. Where can i cheapest Cafergot online. Cafergot no prescription. Online buying Cafergot. Order Cafergot online c.o.d. Online Cafergot without a prescription. Herbal Cafergot. Order Cafergot from mexican pharmacy. After Cafergot. Cafergot photos.

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