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Lasix For Sale, Welcome to the 106th Roundup of History Blogging, a double-sized edition. Fortunately, being a blog, Lasix trusted pharmacy reviews, we never really run out of space.

First, the two biggest events of the annual calendar happen in January: The American Historical Association Meeting and the Cliopatria Awards. Both, buy cheap Lasix no rx, fortunately, have nice, Lasix wiki, tidy round-up posts I can link to. The Cliopatria awards for 2011 included

There was a LOT of blogging and tweeting at this year's AHA, much of it centered on the groundbreaking #THATCamp -- the first held in conjunction with a national organizational conference -- which brought a lot of heavyweight and beginning digital history folks together, buying Lasix online over the counter. There were even some interesting historical papers delivered, I'm told. Buy Lasix without prescription, Check out the collection: it covers just about everything I read on the conference, and then some. Next Year In New Orleans.

Lasix For Sale, A public service announcement: Sharon Howard has updated the Early Modern Commons blog aggregator,, and the general history aggregator, If you're not getting enough history in your media diet, purchase Lasix online, this is the one-stop shop. OK, Lasix online cod, two stop shop.

For the remainder of the carnival, I'm mostly going to be posting titles and what I hope are intriguing quotations: nothing fancy, but there's some really neat stuff here.

Historiography and Method

Jeremy Bangs: Always More Pilgrim Books - What's Next, buy Lasix from mexico. - A Bibliographical Survey

This evening I’d like to lead us on a quick browse in the library, curious about when it was that we first thought we knew everything there was to know about the Pilgrims already.

The Award-Winning Wonders and Marvels: Impotence in the Archives: or, Lasix results, a Research Trip Failed

much of my work in archives is tied to physical memory. Looking back at my notes over the years, I can remember the way in which documents looked or smelled at the time, Lasix For Sale. More importantly, I can remember where to find specific points in my notes.

Peter Rowlett: Apparently Gauss got in this bar fight with Hilbert...

Principle A tells me nothing should be produced with errors, but Principle B suggests work with minor errors should be taken in good faith, order Lasix online c.o.d. Both cannot hold.

Also, Einstein was a straight-A math student.

Jane Stevenson, Low dose Lasix, Texts and Textiles: Self-Presentation among the Elite in Renaissance England is Not so much a blog post, as a full-fledged, open access journal article. How do we feel about that, Lasix blogs. I feel pretty damned good: open access journals, like blogs, Purchase Lasix for sale, make it easier to see what historians do and engage their work. Lasix For Sale, Not sure we'll make it a regular feature: host's option.

Textiles and fashion were central to court life, and even, in themselves, Lasix cost, a means of communication. They attracted what seems to us a completely disproportionate amount of available resources, Lasix without a prescription, infinitely more than the paintings and other more permanent artefacts which are now more familiar to us.

Award Winning Demography and the Imperial Public Sphere Before Victoria: Scottish Solidarity and the Historiography of the Tobacco Trade

Will Thomas at Ether Wave Propaganda has been doing a fascinating series on Tactile History, about recreating experiments and methods to study them directly.

What the Sumerians can teach us about data:

Gathering data is not a neutral act, it will alter the power balance, Lasix price, coupon, usually in favor of the people collecting the information.

Pedagogy And Public History

Open Plaques blog: Finding Flann O'Brien: plaques, places, Lasix used for, tongues and names

Next in our investigation of the plaques we come to the matter of his three names (four if you include the Irish spelling of his first), possibly confusing for the Open Plaques naming system (we currently list two of them). Brian O’Nolan, the civil servant, Lasix no prescription. Flann O’Brien, the pseudonym of the literary author, Lasix For Sale. And Myles na cGopaleen – his pen-name as the famous satirical ‘Cruiskeen Lawn’ columnist for The Irish Times newspaper, a column that brought him more notoriety in his lifetime than his books and made him unpopular with the grandees of the Irish state.

Joseph Adelman: Behind every good historian is someone who read an awful early draft and patiently explained what he/she was actually saying. Is Lasix addictive,

Andrew D. Devenney, "The Good, the Bad, buy Lasix online no prescription, and the Ugly: Follow-up on Playful Historical Thinking Class Experiment"

In the end, I am glad I conducted the experiment and have already adopted small elements of it into a couple of my courses this semester (namely the modular topic format and a greater focus on non-lecture activities in class to stimulate playful historical thinking). No prescription Lasix online, However, in its current form, the class needs more polish to buff out the dents, smudges, buy no prescription Lasix online, and scratches.

Jonathan Rees, Why is there no history department at the University of Phoenix?

History departments die by efficiency because sitting around contemplating the answers to ageless questions doesn’t really do all that much for the gross national product. Lasix For Sale, Therefore, I think we in history and many closely-related fields will disappear in the coming wave of technology-induced efficiency unless we offer a different set of values through which to justify our existence. Order Lasix from mexican pharmacy, I happen to be rather fond of joy. Sitting around contemplating the answers to ageless questions may not be efficient, but it is lots of fun.

Brandon Watson, "Correction in the Classroom"

there is a form of critical thinking most students engage in a lot....the assessment of whether a professor is worth learning from at all.

Historical Sources

In Pursuit of History: The Complaint of Christmas: A Serialised Christmas Tale

a story written in 1631 that .., Lasix samples. recounts the adventures of Christmas, who visits earth on the 25th December as an old man (a precursor to Father Christmas no doubt) along with his companions, Lasix canada, mexico, india, the 12 days of Christmas. His adventures take him around Europe and then to England where he discovers what has become of Christmas charity and hospitality.

Mercurius Politicus, Seventeenth Century Crowd Funding

Taylor segmented his subscribers into seven categories:

1 Those that have paid.
2 Those that would pay if they could, Lasix For Sale.
3 Those that walke invisible, buy Lasix from canada, and are not to be found.
4 Those that say they will pay, Lasix from canadian pharmacy, who knowes when.
5 Those that are dead.
6 Those that are fled. Lasix For Sale, 7 Those Rorers that can pay, and wil not.

Ben Breen: American Monsters: Images of Brazilian Nature from Early Modern Europe

Although comparisons to the Garden of Eden were frequent, these images also reveal a profound anxiety about the abundance of nature in the Neotropics.

Historical Episodes

Interview with author Sarah Wise about her book on death and the illicit cadaver trade in early 19th century London

But Londoners loved these attractive, exotic-looking little Italian waifs, and would also defend other types of beggars if anyone appeared to be hassling them. Ordinary city-dwellers seemed to me, Lasix street price, in reading the primary source material, to be a lot less withdrawn and in their own little world than we city-dwellers are today, Kjøpe Lasix på nett, köpa Lasix online, and seemed to show more class, or social, solidarity.

Streets of Washington: The Prolific Mrs. E.D.E.N, Lasix forum. Southworth and her Georgetown Cottage

Supposedly it was on his deathbed that Captain Nevitte persuaded a local priest to rechristen little Emma with two additional names so that here initials would spell out E.D.E.N., a melodramatic gesture particularly well-suited to the novelist-to-be.

Photo Essay: The History of Air Travel

Modern air travel’s safety and accessibility are greatly indebted to aviation’s long history of experiments, Lasix natural, failures, accidents and deaths.

Romeo Vitelli: The Benjamin Rush Prescription (Part 1)

not only did Lewis and Clark set out on their expedition armed with microscopes, compasses, three mercury thermometers, Lasix dangers, and other scientific instruments, they also carried more than six hundred mercury laxatives, Where can i order Lasix without prescription, each four times the size of an aspirin

Natalie Bennett: Can we choose to descend to a less intensive, simpler level. Have we done it before? is reviewing Joseph A Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies (1988)

Alan Flower, Napoleon's Secret Navy

In October 1805, Lasix overnight, within days of the disaster at Trafalgar, the French minister of Marine and Colonies, Buy cheap Lasix, Vice Admiral Denis Decres, started to lay the groundwork for the reconstruction of the French fleet.

Current Events and Echoes

What would New Years be without some Chinese astrological etymology and cultural appropriation. Also, in Asian connections, I had a short piece on Japanese food policy history in light of the Fukushima disaster, Lasix For Sale.

A remarkable story of renegade historical preservationists:

UX’s most sensational caper (to be revealed so far, at least) was completed in 2006, about Lasix. A cadre spent months infiltrating the Pantheon, the grand structure in Paris that houses the remains of France’s most cherished citizens. Lasix australia, uk, us, usa, Eight restorers built their own secret workshop in a storeroom, which they wired for electricity and Internet access and outfitted with armchairs, tools, a fridge, rx free Lasix, and a hot plate. During the course of a year, they painstakingly restored the Pantheon’s 19th- century clock, which had not chimed since the 1960s. Lasix For Sale, Those in the neighborhood must have been shocked to hear the clock sound for the first time in decades: the hour, the half hour, the quarter hour.

The Lincoln-Douglas-Gingrich Debates

It’s already slightly creepy to challenge the first African American president to a debate modeled on debates over the legitimacy of slavery. It’s doubly disturbing if you look at the actual content and context of the original debates, which was circus like and full of racist demagoguery.

Ohio Woman Wants Whites Only Pool Sign Reinstated

A woman in Ohio continues to claim that having a ‘Whites Only’ sign hung at the public pool is not racist. ... changing her argument to assert that the sign is an antique and therefore apart of her heritage.

That's Not History: Equality and Fairness in Persia v. American Exceptionalism

So, freedom of religion and culture, civil liberties, property rights, freedom of movement, and the abolition of slavery. Not too shabby on the equality front, Lasix For Sale. But wait. There's more!

USIH on Charles Murray, inter alia: Post Civil Rights Intellectual Ferment and Race

Racial politics were persistently perplexing, despite the successes of the civil rights movement, largely because, as President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed in a Howard University speech on June 4, 1965, “equality as a right and a theory” was not the same thing as “equality as a fact and as a result.”

Moving Forward

The History Carnival is in good shape for upcoming hosts through June, but always looking for volunteers for later. Next month's edition will be hosted at The View East by blogger and Twitterstorian Kelly Hignett. I hope this lives up to the "bumper edition" billing.

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Buy Armour Without Prescription, WARNING: those of you interested in Japanese studies but not in internet technologies, new media, and the whole question of how digital learning does or doesn't effect academia should go no further. Here there be dragons, buy cheap Armour no rx. Get Armour, I had the chance to attend a very unusual conference this past week. Well, Armour dosage, Armour from canada, "attend" is perhaps not the best word. This particular conference was held in Second Life, is Armour safe, Armour blogs, an unusual and large online community--technically a virtual world--in which you manipulate an "avatar" (kind of like a personalized character) to navigate an incredibly diverse landscape of "sims" (simulations, which translate into islands), Armour brand name. People build buildings, art, natural environments, they buy and design and rent out sims, they sell virtual products and services, they collaborate or compete in games or educational endeavors, they socialize at dances and raves, and they do everything else that you can (or possibly can't) imagine, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Order Armour online c.o.d, I had never entered Second Life until the head of academic technology at my college informed me that we had some complementary tickets to a virtual conference on new media in the academy. I was skeptical about the whole Second Life thing but thought it might be interesting, Armour no prescription. Effects of Armour, The conference schedule is now available online at the website of the New Media Consortium, the host organization and owner of the sim in which the conference took place, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews. Armour description, The program now includes links to "videos" of the presentations in Second Life, which look a bit like small movies of someone playing a really boring video game, Armour use. Buy Armour Without Prescription, If you listen to the presentations, though, the presenters turn out to be real teachers and academic technologists talking about a range of new media tools, including familiar ones like blogs and Facebook but also a slew of new technologies, and how they can be applied in the classroom. Armour from mexico, I was most impressed by the ways in which the conference was interactive. It is hard to get a sense of this from the video, Armour pics, Armour without a prescription, but when your avatar was actually sitting there in the amphitheater listening to the presentations (which were made by people wearing headsets and presumably sitting at their own computers in various offices around the world), you could participate in an open, taking Armour, Armour treatment, text-only chat (some of the sessions listed on the program include chat transcripts) that ran concurrently with the presentation. I didn't have a mic and headset, about Armour, Armour no rx, like many other participants, so if I wanted to ask a question I just typed it into the chat window and someone not in the middle of presenting might answer it immediately, discount Armour, Armour dangers, or, alternatively, buy Armour no prescription, Low dose Armour, one of the presenters would eventually get around to answering it. This was a form of multitasking that I had not previously experienced but that, ordering Armour online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, surprisingly, really worked, Armour used for. I'm sure those of you who play linked online video games have experienced this mixture of virtual action and global conversation, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Where can i cheapest Armour online, You're watching the screen (which frequently included multimedia presentations in the strange box above the presenters' heads), listening to the spoken presentation, online Armour without a prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, and also participating in a text-only chat discussion all at the same time. And at certain moments it was very informative and interesting, what is Armour. Armour dosage, So, what are the applications for Japanese studies, order Armour online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i buy Armour online, Well, first of all, my Armour experience, Buy cheap Armour, Second Life itself could in theory be a very interesting teaching tool if used judiciously. Buy Armour Without Prescription, I did a bit of searching in between sessions and discovered that there are a number of Japan-related sites that are open to visitors, most of them designed by Japanese users. "Bakumatsu Kyoto, Armour brand name, Armour dose, " for example, is an educational sim (meaning it does not allow violence or, order Armour no prescription, Armour wiki, ahem, mature content) that aims to recreate the imperial capital at the end of the Tokugawa period. It is sort of amazing to walk around the city, or fly above its buildings (did I mention avatars can fly?) and see the odd but compelling attempt to create a digital version of that historical place and moment. I also dropped in (actually I "teleported" but that's a whole different story) to the city of Edo, but when I saw people sword-fighting I thought, no, maybe not, and returned to the conference. Another day perhaps. Quite a few educational institutions have sims in Second Life, Buy Armour Without Prescription. The virtual campus of Princeton University, for example, is particularly impressive.

Other tools that I learned about for the first time through the conference included Voicethread and Cosketch, two websites that I could easily imagine using in a Japanese history class or, if I taught one, a language class. Voicethread allows you to create a slideshow into which viewers can embed written or spoken comments or add their own threads of information, allowing unusual and visually compelling forms of interactive information. Cosketch is like an online whiteboard that allows simultaneous discussion and visual collaboration which would be great for talking to someone in another country, planning an event, preparing for a conference, or learning about a set of images when people are not together in the same room. Buy Armour Without Prescription, The presentations ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, particularly the concluding session which compared  proprietary course management software such as Blackboard to the zombies that increasingly infect popular culture such as movies and video games. The presenters actually arranged for a small army of virtual zombies to attack the conference, which was pretty silly. They argued for the effectiveness of open-content new media tools like Word Press (which powers this blog) and open syndication services as a way of creating "revolutionary" (their word, not mine) ways of learning.

I'm not sure what to make of all this, and when I returned to the classroom on Wednesday and Friday after experiencing these sessions I still had to figure out how to explain 18th-century Japanese intellectual developments, walk students through preparations for a presentation, and help my advisees to register for classes. Connecting the tools and idealistic visions of the presentations with the daily realities of the academy will take an investment of time and energy which will probably be worth it in the long run . . . But I also worry that because these technologies change so quickly these particular tools may be outdated as soon as I manage to figure out how to use them.

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Buy Avodart Without Prescription, I participated in a symposium on February 1st hosted by the USC-Huntington Early Modern Institute, on the topic of early modern periodization in East Asia. It was an exciting event with mostly big-name speakers (I was drafted in as a replacement!) including Kenneth Pomeranz, is Avodart safe, Avodart without a prescription, R. Bin Wong, Avodart cost, Kjøpe Avodart på nett, köpa Avodart online, John Wills Jr., Samuel Yamashita, buy Avodart online no prescription, Avodart street price, John Duncan, and Jahyun Kim Haboush, after Avodart. Canada, mexico, india, The audience was substantial, prompting the organizers to move us to a much bigger conference room, Avodart results. Avodart online cod, I counted more than 60 people, implying a great deal of interest in the topic, Avodart overnight.

It seemed clear from the start that some presenters assumed that "early modern" referred to something real in the histories of Qing, Choson, and Tokugawa Japan, while others saw the term as at most a useful interpretive and comparative tool, Buy Avodart Without Prescription. Online buying Avodart hcl, The discussion devolved (predictably. unfortunately, Avodart natural. Buy Avodart no prescription, amusingly?) into a debate about comparative history. Some participants suggested that using the period "early modern" compromises our ability to study East Asian histories on their own terms, no prescription Avodart online, Cheap Avodart, forcing research and analysis into categories invented in certain parts of Western Europe. Buy Avodart Without Prescription, Others unpacked "early modern" in specific historical and cultural contexts. Still others argued that periodization schemes like "early modern" presented historians of East Asia with the opportunity to engage with historians of Euro-America, buying Avodart online over the counter, Order Avodart online c.o.d, to highlight the scanty evidence marshaled in the narrative of the rise of Western modernity, and to move Asia to its rightful place in world history: the center, Avodart wiki. Avodart reviews, In my paper on the material heritage of Tokugawa Ieyasu, I made the argument that museums are where much popular education about the early modern takes place, Avodart samples, Purchase Avodart online, essentially unacknowledged (and, unfortunately, discount Avodart, Avodart dose, unexamined) by historians of "early modern" East Asia.

In the final discussion of the day, where can i buy Avodart online, Order Avodart from mexican pharmacy, as debate swirled back and forth on this issue, one fact became clear, where can i find Avodart online, Avodart used for, perhaps winning the argument on the side of the "early modern" doubters better than any grand attempt at persuasion could have done: in the huge crowd of graduate students, scholars, Avodart dosage, Avodart trusted pharmacy reviews, and a few visitors from the general public, only one historian of Europe or America was present, Avodart duration, Avodart pictures, and she was essentially required to be in attendance because of her role in founding and naming the USC-Huntington Early Modern Institute. The hackneyed phrase from the movie "Field of Dreams" comes to mind, buy Avodart from canada, Avodart description, except in reverse: even if you build it, they won't come, Avodart schedule. My Avodart experience, In other words, even if a bunch of famous historians of East Asia hold a symposium on a term invented in European history to discuss its broad relevance; even if that event is hosted by an organization dominated by historians of Euro-America; and even if it is held at one of the biggest universities in southern California where lots of historians congregate; they (meaning historians of Euro-America, Avodart price, Online Avodart without a prescription, the group that the comparativists want to engage) won't come. Of course I care about how badly East Asia is represented in the media, Avodart recreational, Avodart interactions, in public education, in much popular culture, and in the writing of many (not all, of course) prominent historians of Europe and America. But if the attendance at this symposium is any indication, adopting this comparative terminology, which often is not a particularly good fit for the diverse regions of the world, is not the answer.

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fukuoka-jogakuin-1921.jpg Buy Lasix Without Prescription, For years private girls academy Fukuoka Jogakuin in Kyushu has been credited with first introducing in 1921 the famous sailor-style uniform worn by so many middle-school Japanese girls. However a recent investigation by a uniform manufacturer preparing an exhibit on the history of Japanese school uniforms has unearthed photographic evidence that Heian Jogakuin in Kyoto introduced a uniform with a sailor-style flap one year earlier, is Lasix safe, Lasix interactions, in 1920.

heian-jogakuin-1920.jpg The debate has heated up, Lasix description, Buy Lasix online no prescription, with both schools insisting that they were the first and that the other schools claim is invalid. At a time when declining numbers of Japanese children are forcing private schools to become increasingly cuthroat in their competition for students, Lasix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Generic Lasix, having an awesome uniform with a storied past is seen as a way to attract students.

While it seems incontrovertable that the Kyoto school had the sailor flap first, cheap Lasix, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, their uniform was an unsightly, shapeless one-piece, my Lasix experience, Lasix dangers, where as the Fukuoka school's uniform is clearly a precursor to the style still in use today, so maybe both schools have a reasonable claim, Lasix class. Lasix trusted pharmacy reviews, Source: セーラー服:発祥論争 平安女学院VS福岡女学院 (毎日新聞)
. Lasix dose. Online buying Lasix hcl. Fast shipping Lasix. Lasix pictures. Lasix results. Lasix recreational. Buy cheap Lasix. Online buy Lasix without a prescription. Buy Lasix without prescription. Buy Lasix from mexico. Lasix price, coupon. Where can i buy cheapest Lasix online. Where to buy Lasix. Low dose Lasix. Lasix long term. Lasix blogs. Lasix price. Lasix from canada. Lasix treatment. Lasix street price. Lasix cost. Lasix no rx. Lasix samples. What is Lasix. Lasix images. Australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Lasix from canada. Ordering Lasix online.

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Biaxin For Sale, No, I'm not going to show you some cartoon of a spam musubi or a "remove your shoes" sign. This is, canada, mexico, india, Biaxin pictures, apparently, serious stuff: Educators working with the Hawaiian language revitalization and immersion movements have begun to use Kanji -- and Japanese language generally -- as a teaching tool for the Hawaiian language, where to buy Biaxin. Biaxin online cod, In spite of the fact that this press release came from my own institution, I actually know nothing about this, Biaxin pics. Biaxin samples, It's wild stuff, but it has some very interesting pedagogical and cultural and linguistic foundations, Biaxin dosage. Biaxin from canadian pharmacy, There is a PDF from ‘Aha Pūnana Leo (‘APL) which has a great deal of detail and examples, including the one mentioned in the press release, Biaxin dose.

The core of the program is that both Hawaiian and Japanese are, phonetically speaking, syllabic languages, and that there are a lot of Japanese in Hawai'i, including relatives and ancestors of students in the Hawaiian program, Biaxin For Sale. Biaxin description, The teachers who designed the program, aside from instilling respect, Biaxin price, Biaxin steet value, understanding and aloha in their students, wanted to use the ideographic characters to emphasize the syllabic nature of Hawaiian, buy Biaxin no prescription, Comprar en línea Biaxin, comprar Biaxin baratos, as opposed to the alphabetic system of Roman letters. After assigning basic characters to each of the forty-five syllables of the Hawaiian language, Biaxin photos, Herbal Biaxin, they went on to teach the students more kanji by meaning, as well as conventional Japanese language instruction, Biaxin duration. Biaxin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, (( as the press release points out, one of the criticisms of the Hawaiian immersion program is that it seems somewhat limited, Biaxin images, Where can i order Biaxin without prescription, in terms of economic potential after graduation. Japanese, Biaxin mg, Biaxin schedule, of course, is the road to riches, where can i buy Biaxin online. Biaxin For Sale, At least that's what it says in the big print. Biaxin alternatives, ))

I have to admit, it seems like a terribly roundabout way of handling the languages, Biaxin maximum dosage. Biaxin over the counter, There's an interesting historical side note to this, though, Biaxin trusted pharmacy reviews. Biaxin australia, uk, us, usa, As I wrote in my dissertation (( p. 20, is Biaxin safe. The citation is to Hilary Conroy's The Japanese Frontier in Hawai'i, pp, Biaxin For Sale. Real brand Biaxin online, 50-52 )):

Hawaiian King Kalakaua visited Japan in 1881 and made three proposals which, although they were rejected, Biaxin recreational, Cheap Biaxin no rx, endeared the Hawaiian monarch to the Japanese authorities. The offer to revise their treaty to eliminate extra-territoriality was rejected so as not to interfere with similar negotiations with the Great Powers, Biaxin reviews. Buy no prescription Biaxin online, An impulsive offer by King Kalakaua for a marriage alliance between his niece and an Imperial Prince (ages six and fifteen years, respectively) was turned down after a show of due consideration, order Biaxin online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Biaxin no rx, Finally, a "Union and Federation of Asian Nations and Sovereigns" which would have given Japan a platform to demonstrate leadership and build prestige in the Pacific was rejected as endangering the generally good relationship between Japan and the United States, order Biaxin online c.o.d, Biaxin overnight, which had particularly strong interests in Hawai'i.
Biaxin For Sale, Hawai'i and Japan might have had a much closer relationship, and there might have been even more Japanese influence on the islands than there already is. There is also considerably more influence the other way than most people realize, where can i cheapest Biaxin online. Biaxin price, coupon, There is an extensive Hula halau (school/team) network in Japan, whose members regularly visit Hawai'i to study with local teachers and immerse themselves in the culture. (( one of the best Hula dancers and Hawaiian singers I've seen recently was a Japanese woman who teaches Hula in Japan )) The Japanese government has even promoted the Hawaiian shirt (in its Okinawan form, officially) as a cool answer to the problem of work attire, and there are still lots and lots of Japanese who come to Hawai'i for honeymoons and vacations who could do some good for the economy and ecology of both countries by stocking up.

Sheer geography and the history of Japanese migration to Hawai'i has created an interesting -- and definitely under-studied -- relationship. One that could be shaped anew by a really creative reimagining of language pedagogy. Or it could be a complete dead end.

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I'm not going to go though quite the same song-and-dance I did with Japanese Diaspora or South Asian studies Buy Nexium Without Prescription, because these issues are much more familiar to the readership here. Nexium forum, But I did see two presentations that I wanted to share: Noriko Kawamura's on the new sources and debates about the end of the war and just-graduated college senior Megan Jones' fantastic project about Japan's WWII museum/memorials.

Noriko Kawamura has been working on the end of war question for as long as I've known her (four ASPACs) and is deeply familiar with the available sources, buy Nexium without a prescription. Nexium without a prescription, (( She was the first person I know of who said outright that Bix was pushing his sources too far, distorting their content )) Her overall thesis was a kind of very counter-cultural one: that all the new evidence, Nexium trusted pharmacy reviews, Nexium price, coupon, despite all kinds of attempts to push the debate one way or another, (( She cited Asada's "shock of the bomb" thesis, order Nexium from mexican pharmacy, Buy Nexium no prescription, Bix's personality thesis, Hasegawa's Soviet entry thesis and Bernstein's counterfactual scenarios )) strongly supports Ronald Butow's conclusion from a half century ago, buy Nexium online no prescription, Cheap Nexium no rx, that the Emperor's titular authority became more real as the crisis deepened, culminating in the Seiden [sacred declaration] to accept unconditional surrender as the price of peace, online buy Nexium without a prescription. Nexium street price, (( I read Butow in graduate school, and I haven't really read Asada, where can i find Nexium online, Taking Nexium, Hasegawa or Alperovitz in any detail, so I'm thrilled to discover that I'm actually still up-to-date, Nexium use. )) Her focus this time was on the growing momentum of the "peace faction" within the government: starting with discussions of end of war issues in November 1942 and Spring of '43, the Emperor seems to have understood the need to terminate the conflict with the US, but continued to support the "decisive battle" idea (( the idea that Japan needed to win a decisive tactical victory so as to negotiate from a position of equality, if not strength, Buy Nexium Without Prescription. Nexium dangers, Unfortunately, after 1942, Nexium class, Doses Nexium work, Japan really didn't have any significant tactical victories to speak of )) until after the failure of Japanese forces at the Battle of Okinawa, after which the Emperor convened the Suzuki cabinet and charged it with ending the war, Nexium used for. Nexium coupon, At this point, Kawamura is arguing, Nexium duration, Nexium interactions, the momentum is strongly towards peacemaking with Imperial support. Kawamura didn't address, Nexium no prescription, Ordering Nexium online, at that point, the final days questions: she was more focused on the source issues, is Nexium safe, Canada, mexico, india, particularly the importance of critical readings of a Kido Koichi interview from 1967 and the famous "Dokuhaku" monologue of the Showa Emperor. But she did argue that the peace faction needs to be given more credit for their sustained efforts over several years which laid the foundations for the conclusion to the war, where to buy Nexium.

Buy Nexium Without Prescription, One of the things which I love about ASPAC is the way in which it tries to engage scholars and teachers at all levels. Is Nexium addictive, For graduate students, there's the Esterline prize for best paper (( submissions have been thin the last few years: have graduate students suddenly gotten so successful that they don't need prize money, Nexium maximum dosage, Order Nexium online c.o.d, or publication. )); for K-12 teachers there's often a seminar, Nexium online cod, Nexium overnight, and an open invitation to the panels; there are a fair number of independent scholars and academics at all levels who come as well. One thing you don't see a lot of is undergraduates, Nexium recreational, Nexium alternatives, but this time Jeff Barlow organized a panel of his graduating seniors. The best of the batch (I'm not their teacher, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Nexium for sale, so I can say what I like about their work) was Megan Jones' "Exhibits of Opinion: How Japan's World War II Museums are used to Further Political Agendas," which was the result of extensive field work in Japan and resulted in a fantastic collection of images (( I did strongly urge her to find some way to make the images available to the wider scholarly community, purchase Nexium for sale. )) She examined the presentation of three issues at a dozen museums, and created a typology of Right and Left presentations, Buy Nexium Without Prescription. Purchase Nexium online no prescription,

Emperor's War ResponsibilityEmp. was controlled by militarists, buy no prescription Nexium online, Fast shipping Nexium, fooled and betrayedEmperor was a war criminal, and symbol of Japanese culpability
San Francisco Peace TreatyDealt with all compensation and guilt issues, Nexium used for. No more apologies necessary.Lack of Asian participation means treaty an incomplete resolution
Liberator or Colonizer in Asia?Japanese did a service, motivated by anti-colonialismJapanese aggressive, imperialist and self-centered

These are pretty familiar positions, obviously: what's interesting is the consistency with which they were present in the museums she studied. Megan classifed the museums as follows:

ConservativeKaiten Tokkotai Memorial Museum (opened 1968)
Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots (opened 1975)
Yamato Museum (opened 2005)
Yashukan (at Yasukuni Shrine; opened 1961, renovated 2002)
Middle ground, with a "right wing tilt"Hiroshima Peace Museum (( I contested this, because my impression in 1995 was that the new historical presentations created in the early '90s were pretty well contextualized and balanced. She felt that it was still largely without context, and that non-Japanese victims were almost entirely absent. ))
Liberal/LeftOkonoshima Toxic Gas Museum (opened 1988, one room exhibit hall)
Osaka Peace Museum (Japan as victim and aggressor)
Kyoto World Peace Museum (opened 1992, Japan as victim and aggressor)
Nagasaki Atomic bomb museum (opened 1996, good context)

On of Ms. Jones' interesting findings was that all these museums -- liberal, conservative, whatever -- claimed as their purpose the fostering of peace in Japan and in the world. Very different visions of peace, of course, but peace nonetheless.


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The Trials and Tribulations of Teaching

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A friend who teaches American and sometimes Asian history courses sent me the following enquiry, which she received via email from one of her American history students. I am happy to say that I have never received a student message this inane or inarticulate, though the fundamental confusion about the geography of the world and the chronology of our recent past is somewhat familiar.
Now, I have a question pertaining to the history of World War 2. I was wondering why we dropped the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. because we didnt do it until 1945 and Pearl Harbor was in 1941. Also, we had already gotten back at them on April 18, 1942 in Tokyo right? First it was Hiroshima on August 6th and then three days later we dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki in 1945, correect? My other question is if Japan is a seperate country from North Korea and I know its seperate from China, but do they speak Chinese. Last night I was watching Pearl Harbor and in it they said to remember these words, I can't say them, but they were in Chinese. I thought it was the Japanese we were mad at in Tokyo. I am a little confused about this please help.Thanks, XXXXXXXXXX
Of course the general ignorance of this message is frustrating, but what really bothers me is the lack of formality. I have talked with colleagues about this, and many disagree. Email is the students' natural medium, they say, and they are not used to writing in the style of a letter as I would prefer: "Dear Professor So-and-So." Still, it rankles me when I get emails from students that begin, "Hey, I was wondering . . ." Related to the lack of formality is the absence of care regarding spelling and grammatical errors. We all send emails (or publish blog entries) without spell-checking, but the above message is just egregious. Correect?

Thanksgiving Vacation and Homework

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Over Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I went over to the Waikoloa Hilton. My son loves the boats and trams, and there's nothing like watching dolphins play. The pools are great and the food, though pricey, is good.

But the fun part, for me, is their immense collection of Asian and Pacific art. Most of it is arranged along a mile-long "Museum Walkway," and one evening after my son was asleep, I went out and walked the mile with my digital camera. Conditions were not ideal: a lot of the collection is under glass, and the hallway is narrow enough that larger pieces were sometimes hard to fit in the viewfield; as a result there's a lot more pictures at an angle than I'd like. I went back the next day to see if I could get better non-flash shots, but the oddities of light and shadow on glass actually made it harder to get most things. Short of convincing the hotel to let me shoot a catalog for them, this is the best I'm gonna get.

I was pondering how best to archive and share these pictures, and I finally decided to set up a Flickr account (I had to upgrade, since I've got about a gigabyte's worth of material and that would take about 50 months to upload on the free account). I haven't gone through the whole collection yet, but you can see a nice sample of about a dozen pictures here. The collection ranges from South Pacific to Asia, with a bunch of Western stuff thrown in for good measure; eventually my goal is to have the whole collection uploaded and sorted into sets. If anyone sees something here that they want more of, let me know and I can start there....

Also, in the category of sharing great collections of images, if you aren't on H-Asia you might not have seen this: "The Section of Japanese Studies of the Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna is pleased to announce the opening of the internet database: UKIYO'E CARICATURES 1842-1905" There's a lot more than just caricatures, and the images aren't very heavily annotated (though they did transcribe the texts, which is a nice touch), but it's worth noting.

Update: I've been rooting around Flickr -- well, OK, I just plugged "Japan" into their group search box -- and came up with a whole bunch of Japan-related collections: Japanese Archaeology, Japanese 20th Century, Buddhism in Japan, the very mixed Japan-Hawai'i Connection, and the deliberately mixed Japan: Old and New. Timesink!


Shades of Mori Arinori

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Recently the Japanese Diet has been debating several competing bills to revise the Fundamental Education Law of 1947.  One of the most contested issues is an effort by the LDP to make instilling patriotism an explicit goal of Japan's national education system, as it was under the education system devised by Mori Arinori in the 19th century and in force in Japan up until the US-led education reforms following World War II.  Reportedly, the original language was even stronger, but the LDP-backed bill that finally made it out of committee and onto the Diet floor still contained the relatively strong phrasing by Japanese standards, 我が国と郷土を愛する態度を養う ("to instill an feeling of loving our country and homeland"). Critics of this clause argue that it will promote militarism and inject further tension into already heated Japan-China and Japan-Korea relations, but the LDP-backed bill seems likely to pass largely as is within the next week or so. In related news, it was reported this week that many Japanese schools are grading students on "love of country".  A recent survey in Saitama prefecture found that at least 45 local schools evaluated "love of country" on report cards for 6th-grade students. Under current policy, individual schools are free to decide how report cards are structured and which categories are graded. Officials have argued that the practice is not objectionable because "instilling a feeling of love for one's country" has already been one of the Ministry of Education's stated objectives for 6th-grade social studies students for some time.


Dewey In Japan

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Naoko Saito takes John Dewey's visits to Japan as a starting place for questions about "Education for Global Understanding" [registration required; I do like the way TCR seems to be branching more towards Higher Ed and international education lately, but it might just be a summer blip] and finds challenging material.

In his visit to Japan, from February 9 until April 28, 1919, Dewey was confronted with a severe challenge to his hope of attaining mutual understanding and universal democracy beyond national and cultural boundaries. Japan at that time was between two world wars and had undergone a democratization movement called Taisho Democracy - a movement that was soon to give way to looming nationalism and militarism. Dewey saw a flickering hope for liberalism in Japan, but he left the country in disappointment. He tried to approach Japan through his principle of mutual national understanding. During the short period of his stay, he struggled to penetrate below the surface of the culture. As a philosopher who was thrown into an abyss that existed between two cultures, Dewey acknowledged that "Japan is a unique country, one whose aims and methods are baffling to any foreigner." He communicated with Japanese liberal intellectuals, gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo, and was exposed to the left-wing democratic movements among college youth. But he learned that "such higher criticism is confined to the confidence of the classroom" (JL, p. 174). Dewey realized that the "popular mind," to which he wished to communicate his idea of democracy as a personal way of living, was dominated by "nationalistic sentiment." He observed that "the growth of democratic ideas" and "the growth of liberalism" were hampered by the inculcation of "the emperor cult" (LJ, pp. 170–173). Especially in contrast to China, where "[e]very articulate conscious influence [was] liberal," Dewey noticed the obstacles to "the development of an enlightened liberal public opinion in Japan" - "the conspiracy of silence," patriotism, and the institutional religion that prevented "critical thought and free discussion." Dewey was troubled by the authoritarian, nationalistic ethics indoctrinated in primary education (LJ, pp. 167–168). He could not find democracy in Japanese people’s way of living.

Furthermore, Dewey was confused by an inconsistency involved in Japanese modernization - a combination of the "feudal" and "barbarian" ethos of the warrior with the worship of western industrialization (LJ, pp. 160–161). As he put it, "There is some quality in the Japanese inscrutable to a foreigner which makes them at once the most rigid and the most pliable people on earth, the most self-satisfied and the most eager to learn" (LJ, p. 168). In the country’s "opportunism," Dewey found it "difficult in the present condition of Japan to construct even in imagination a coherent and unswerving working policy for a truly liberal political party" (POJ, p. 259).
This experience of Dewey leaves us with a philosophical question: what happens if one’s democratic faith is not totally accepted in a different culture? [footnotes removed]
Actually, that last sentence should be, based on her description of Dewey's responses, "what happens if one’s democratic faith is entirely rejected in a different culture?" A bit later, Saito notes that "In the series of lectures that Dewey gave at the University of Tokyo, the number of participants decreased from around a thousand to less than forty towards the end." And, of course, there's little evidence of Dewey's influence in Japan's educational or political systems to date. Clearly his visit failed to transform Japan, unrealistic as that standard of judgement might be. Clearly Japan as a society is not fully accepting of differences and others (are any societies?) and has a civil discourse which is more limited than many of us would consider ideal, or even healthy.

I'm mostly struck by the tension between the idea of Taisho Democracy, which was indeed in full swing when Dewey dropped in, and what Dewey observed as rigidity, obscurantism, chauvinism and authoritarianism. Given what we know of the course of history, Dewey's observations ring true, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he didn't miss something important. The 1920s were a heyday of internationalism in Japan, not just in the sense of the Shidehara Diplomacy but also in terms of translated literature and scholarship, travel overseas, international visitors to Japan, and the penetration of commodity culture carrying both domestic and international products and modes. Dewey should have seen some of that potential; instead he (and his followers in the present) deny that the eclectic and dynamic 1920s were more than epiphenomal. There's a consistency to this narrative that I find troubling, possible evidence of a cultural determinism which is untenable, historically.

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