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ASPAC 2014 Abstract: Japanese Historical Process in Anglophone Cinema

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It's that time of year again, when procrastinators do their taxes, spring cleaning, and summer abstract writing in one weekend! My proposed paper for ASPAC this year (at Western Washington in Bellingham) is a variation on something I've been working on for a while now, no surprise to longtime readers of this blog, or of HNN, or to my students who have heard me rant and rail about the tragedies of historical fiction and historical movies for a decade or more. I'm going to try to focus on a kind of historiographical reading of the movies, and to talk about how we as public experts, teachers and writers, might productively respond to or use these works. Here's the abstract itself, which was limited to 100 words:
Japanese Historical Process in Anglophone Cinema History is a rich vein of stories and settings, and popular historical movies can have immense effects on the historical understanding of general publics. This is especially true in Japanese history in English-speaking societies, where knowledge is often limited to one-sided understandings of unique episodes and orientalist mythologies of unchanging culture. This paper will examine a number of English-language movies, recent and older, not to catalog historical errors, but to understand how historical memory and Japanese historical processes are understood and portrayed. Finally, this paper will consider how that might affect the work of Japan specialists addressing these audiences.
I have a preliminary list of movies to address, most of which I've seen. I'd be interested to know if anyone out there has ideas about other films to consider?
  • The Last Samurai
  • 47 Ronin (see also)
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • The Barbarian and the Geisha
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Shogun
  • Karate Kid 2
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Obviously, some of these are more important than others, in terms of audience range and likely effect on people's ability to think about history in a coherent fashion: KK2 is probably more important than TMNT3, and the John Wayne, whatever its flaws or virtues, isn't going to be more than a faint echo in the historical consciousness of contemporary audiences. The more recent films, including the wretched mess from Christmas, are going to weigh more heavily.


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Buy Levaquin Without Prescription, Stephen Turnbull, one of the most prolific and controversial writers on Japanese military history, has written a book on the 47 Samurai incident. The Samurai Archives review is quite positive, where to buy Levaquin, Levaquin long term, though Turnbull's involvement as historical consultant on the upcoming Keanu Reeves version does raise concerns.

It's nice to see Turnbull stepping up his game a bit, is Levaquin safe, Levaquin no prescription, using front-line scholarship and taking a critical approach, rather than the mish-mash of his earlier books, Levaquin pics. Cheap Levaquin, It seems unlikely to me, though, Levaquin dosage, Levaquin without a prescription, that the debunking scholarship which has advanced over the last decade or so will have a significant impact on popular versions of the incident. It's possible, buying Levaquin online over the counter, Where can i buy Levaquin online, I suppose, that Turnbull's involvement in the new movie means that it will be a thoroughly revisionist statement (( assuming that all the pre-release publicity is wrong )) but the entrenched romantic version is going to remain authoritative until the revisionist history starts to get traction in Japan, online buying Levaquin.

Even then, there's the Shakespeare problem, Buy Levaquin Without Prescription. Levaquin photos, We know that his portrayals of English kings and other historical moments were partisan and/or heavily fictionalized, but they remain some of the most enduring images and themes in historical fiction and movies, rx free Levaquin, Buy no prescription Levaquin online, so that historians are still forced to routinely debunk these myths. (( It doesn't help that "most historically accurate portrayal ever" in movie advertising usually means precisely the opposite, buy Levaquin without a prescription, Levaquin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, as the most recent Robin Hood versions demonstrate )) Chushingura and its ilk created a solid mythology by the dawn of the modern age, and the imperialist valorization of the Ako Roshi and other self-destructive samurai tendencies reinforced a vision of the samurai as abstemious, buy Levaquin no prescription, Online buying Levaquin hcl, effective, principled, Levaquin alternatives, Levaquin price, selfless and frequently violent. It would take a dramatic cultural shift to wipe out this tradition, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Levaquin no rx, one that seems unlikely given Japan's rightward tendencies these days. (( more likely you'd see something like the American transformation of cowboy films: more internal focus and diversity, Levaquin overnight, Buy cheap Levaquin, and an obscuring of the historically undeniable negative sides (i.e., Dances with Wolves and the death of the cowboy-and-indian film) with perhaps some culturally acceptable complications, comprar en línea Levaquin, comprar Levaquin baratos. Buy Levaquin Without Prescription, Frankly, a good Brokeback Mountain treatment would go a long way, plus being historically credible. Buy Levaquin online cod, ))

I was screening movies for my Samurai course and came across recommendations (on twitter, I think) for The Twilight Samurai, kjøpe Levaquin på nett, köpa Levaquin online. Levaquin interactions, I was very impressed: the portrayal of samurai poverty, bureaucracy, Levaquin natural, Buy cheap Levaquin no rx, domainal politics, bakumatsu confusion, buy Levaquin without prescription, Levaquin without prescription, and the diversity (and, generally speaking, buy Levaquin online no prescription, Levaquin canada, mexico, india, irrelevance) of fighting styles (and illegality of dueling) was very nicely done. The romantic side was a little over-generous, doses Levaquin work, Taking Levaquin, perhaps, but more realistic that an awful lot of other historical pieces, canada, mexico, india. Levaquin use, If you're looking for a solid historical movie, one that will educate more than it will obscure, buy Levaquin from canada, Low dose Levaquin, it's very good.

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Lego Ninja 2011 B1 Temovate Cream For Sale, Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House series is intended to educate and entertain by taking its protagonists to different times and places, real and mythical. These Scholastic books are mainstays of schools, libraries, and primary curricula, and some of the books have companion "Research Guide" publications for kids who want to know more about the historical, real brand Temovate Cream online, cultural or scientific background. Some of these books are aimed at early readers: the first 28 in the series are short, with short, Temovate Cream from canada, simple sentences appropriate to 1st or 2nd graders; after that the series shifts into the slightly more fantastical "Merlin Mission" mode, longer stories with more complex writing suitable for 2nd or 3rd grade students; the research guides seem to be aimed at 2nd through 4th graders. (( Check the Scholastic web site for official suitability levels. Also if you have any doubt about the fact that these are aimed at an education audience.... )) In these stories, Jack and Annie are given a book which, combined with the magic of the tree house, takes them to a time and place where they can carry out a mission of some kind, while learning about the site of their adventure, Temovate Cream For Sale. The whole thing is supposed to be an encouragement to learning, comprar en línea Temovate Cream, comprar Temovate Cream baratos, so to speak, showing the value of book reading. Twice in the series, Temovate Cream images, Jack and Annie have visited Japanese history: in the earlier, shorter work, we get nature-loving ninja and threatening samurai; in the later adventure, we get the nature-loving poet Basho, a magical dragon, Temovate Cream online cod, and threatening samurai. (( I could put a spoiler alert here, but how many 2nd-4th graders are reading this blog, Temovate Cream pics, who haven't already moved beyond Jack and Annie adventures. Well, my son wants to read this post when I'm finished with it, but other than him. ))

Temovate Cream For Sale, The text that Jack and Annie work from -- more Jack than Annie: he's the cautious, bookish one, and she's the impulsive, intuitive one -- gives an explicit frame to the story, and the book is never wrong. Because of Annie's impulsiveness, Temovate Cream no rx, they never get to read through the book carefully, but look up facts as they become relevant: the facts are short, context-free chunks of information that usually explain what the characters are seeing, Buy Temovate Cream from canada, and remembering these bits often comes in handy at critical moments. In addition to the books they read, they often get guidance from people they meet: many of the adventures feature a "local informant" who helps them navigate local custom and landscape and often is critical to their larger mission; usually they are supposed to return to the Magic Tree House with a specific item or piece of information. (( Missions are part of larger projects: the series is built around four-book units which share a problem and theme. Jack and Annie accumulate skills and credentials over the series, Temovate Cream class. This makes up for the fact that the individual books are very short, and acculturates young readers to longer works, Temovate Cream For Sale. That's the general idea, anyway. )) As with the books that bring them to these times and places, Temovate Cream results, their local informants are never wrong, either, though sometimes they misjudge Jack or, more often, Annie, Temovate Cream use. (( I suspect that most of my readers at this point are either familiar with the series, or have stopped reading. But I want to establish the authority of the voices: readers of the series are acculturated, Temovate Cream for sale, if they read more than one or two, to accept the authority of the guiding book and teachers. ))

The first Japan adventure is Night of the Ninjas Temovate Cream For Sale, (( Book 5, published in 1995 by Random House, with illustrations by Sal Murdocca. )) in which Jack and Annie return to an unidentified moment in Japan's medieval period. Here's what their book has to say about it:

  • "Very little is known about the shadowy warriors called ninjas. Historians believe that ninjas lived in Japan between the 14th and 17th centuries, order Temovate Cream from United States pharmacy. Both men and women were ninjas. Sometimes they fought to protect their families, Temovate Cream For Sale. Sometimes warlords hired them to be spies." (15-16)

  • "Sometimes ninjas held meetings in hidden mountain caves to plan secret missions." (31)

  • "Ninjas took orders from a ninja master. The master was a mysterious wise person who knew many secrets of nature." (31)

  • "The samurai were fierce Japanese fighters. Fast shipping Temovate Cream, They carried two swords to cut down their enemies." (45)

This is the most authoritative information Jack and Annie have available, and the vast majority of it is entirely incorrect. Ninja -- the black-suited nemesis of samurai living an independent existence in the hills, etc. -- are a Temovate Cream For Sale, figment of early modern imaginations built on a sliver of truth, reified by modern martial artists' pseudo-historical self-justifications and entertainment industries more than willing to dramatize and amplify the mythologies for fun and profit. (( And, about Temovate Cream, as with most Japanese nouns, the plural of "ninja" is "ninja" not "ninjas" )) The myth of hostility between ninja and samurai, though, Buy Temovate Cream no prescription, runs through a lot of Japanese historical fiction. (( And is almost certainly based on self-serving mythologies of post-pacification samurai )) (38) The idea of the ninja as a kind of eco-warrior seems to be a relatively new addition to the mythology: it's an interesting way of working "harmony with nature" into this Japanese narrative:

"Remember three things," said the master..."Use nature. Be nature. Follow nature." (38)

The nature-ninja turns the samurai into a kind of modernist nightmare, is Temovate Cream addictive. (( The picture on p, Temovate Cream For Sale. 46 is the only time they are depicted visually )) But samurai, described in the book as "fierce," are all bark and no bite: their armor is made of "bamboo" (45), Temovate Cream description, they wander around the woods at night with torches looking for ninja (37, 58), and they can be fooled by a kid in a hoodie pretending to be a rock. (48-49)

In Dragon of the Red Dawn (( Book 37, Scholastic, rx free Temovate Cream, 2007 )) samurai are also a threat, again in a distinctly modernist mode, because of the ban on foreigners. Buy no prescription Temovate Cream online, As their guidebook "A Journey to Old Japan" (7) (( Complete with pseudo-bamboo typography )) says,

  • "The late 1600s in Japan were years of peace and prosperity. Art and culture thrived. Temovate Cream For Sale, But it was a time when the country was completely closed to the outside world. No one was allowed to come in. The citizens of Edo were frequently checked to make sure they had passports." (15-16)

  • "Anyone who did not have a passport was considered a spy and punished severely." (16)

All samurai, Temovate Cream interactions, in this version of Genroku Japan, are police agents: the only samurai who are mentioned are either former samurai, like the poet Basho, Buy Temovate Cream online no prescription, or some form of patrolling security who are quick to draw their swords and challenge people who are out of place. (21, 42, passim) Basho tells Jack and Annie that "You must remember, seek harmony with your surroundings, my Temovate Cream experience. ... Observe the people of Edo and do as they do, Temovate Cream For Sale. If you do not stand out, you will not be noticed by the samurai." (25-26) Jack and Annie have to learn how to use chopsticks -- while eating makizushi, Temovate Cream natural, which it's a little early for -- under the gaze of samurai who are on the lookout for foreigners. (42) Oddly, the samurai they face suspect them because of where they are but not how they look, whereas Basho can tell immediately that they are foreigners; this may be part of the magic of the tree house, which also gives them appropriate clothing and gear and skips right over language issues, Temovate Cream brand name. (25, etc.) In spite of the fact that Jack and Annie repeatedly come under suspicion of being spies, the samurai questioning them are thrice convinced that they are merely poetry apprentices (22, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, 48-52, 96-98) who do not need to show their passports, twice by extemporizing poetry. (( including, I regret to inform you, buy generic Temovate Cream, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star." Basho likes it. ))

Temovate Cream For Sale, In addition to their simple duties and simple-mindedness, samurai are part of a very simple political system. Temovate Cream alternatives, As often happens, Osborne has conflated the past and present, Shogunal and Imperial institutions. Here's what "A Journey to Old Japan" says:

  • "In the 1600s, the Imperial Garden surrounded the Imperial Palace in the capital city of Japan, Temovate Cream reviews. The city was called Edo (Say EE-doh). In the mid-1800s, its name was changed to Tokyo (Say TOH-kee-oh.)" (14)

  • "In the 1600s, Kjøpe Temovate Cream på nett, köpa Temovate Cream online, the military ruler known as the shogun (say SHOW-gun) lived in the center of the Imperial Garden in a palace that had hundreds of rooms." (17)

  • "Often the shogun's warriors traveled with him. They were called samurai (Say SAM-uh-rye)." .., Temovate Cream For Sale. "Samurai were excellent horsemen well trained in the arts of fighting. The code of the samurai was strict. Samurai did not show their feelings. They had great powers of concentration." (18)

There's a pronunciation error, taking Temovate Cream, the elimination of daimyo from the political picture, the bushido stoicism and assumption that all samurai are the same, and the confusion engendered by referring to the Shogunal keep by its modern title. Temovate Cream For Sale, Osborne carefully refers to the Shogun as "the military ruler" but doesn't explain the distinction between the Shogunal and Imperial institutions or note that the castle and grounds were not considered "Imperial" until the 1860s. Purchase Temovate Cream,

But the samurai are just an obstacle: the heart of the story is poetry, fire and magic. Despite their failings, Basho admits "Yes, the samurai greatly honor the art of poetry, buying Temovate Cream online over the counter. Poetry helps focus the mind. The samurai believe a truly brave warrior should be able to compose a poem even in the midst of an earthquake, or while facing an enemy on the battlefield." (61) Basho instructs the children in the art of haiku (( though without any of that picky stuff like syllables or turning words, Temovate Cream wiki, or seasonal indicators )) and shares the frog pond verse which he wrote just yesterday, even giving Jack the piece of paper on which the world's most famous haiku is written. (62) The guide book tells us that "Basho is one of Japan's greatest poets, Temovate Cream For Sale. He wrote short, beautiful poems that speak to people as clearly today as they did during the Edo period of Japan." (59) Some of them certainly do: Basho has about the same linguistic issues as Shakespeare, namely that he's one of the writers whose work shaped the early modern language, order Temovate Cream online c.o.d, but idiom and usage have changed over time.

Unlike Night of the Ninjas, this book has a precise historical moment. Temovate Cream forum, Or, rather, several precise moments: the frog poem was written in 1686, but the main action of the book focuses on the fire that destroyed Basho's home in 1682, after which he embarked on his famous travels, buy Temovate Cream online cod. Also, the cherry blossoms are blooming. Temovate Cream For Sale, Aren't they always. Anyway, Canada, mexico, india, on their first walk through the city, Basho notes the drought-like conditions and remembers the 1657 Meireki Fire. (( They also see puppet plays on "a row of stages built along the riverbank" (36) ))

"When the weather is very dry, the people of Edo worry about fire. .., online Temovate Cream without a prescription. Twenty-five years ago, during a dry spell, half our city was destroyed by a terrible fire. Thousands died." (30)

Probably a hundred thousand or more, Temovate Cream For Sale. Temovate Cream long term, But there's an up-side to fires, he says later:

"I suppose that is why the ancients called our fires 'the flowers of Edo.' ... After something is destroyed by fire, a good new thing often takes its place. Just as after the bleakest winter, beautiful flowers return with the spring." (89)

This is not, of course, the actual source of the "flowers of Edo" idiom, which is both relatively recent at that time instead of "ancient", and sarcastic rather than heartening. But Basho himself endured several fires that destroyed his home, and did take the opportunity to travel, producing some of his greatest work (including the above-mentioned poem) as a result.

Temovate Cream For Sale, When the fire breaks out, Jack and Annie join the citizens of Edo fighting the fires - no mention of the competitive firefighting teams, their uniforms or equipment, just people with buckets - and then draw on their magic to invoke the Cloud Dragon, "one of the guardian animals of the four directions. She has the power of flight and commands the rain clouds." (37) Though a very minor figure in Japanese astrology, the Cloud Dragon answers their call with a drenching rain.

There are a few interesting touches: yo-yos, which are a long-standing Japanese toy; hot towels at meals; sumo wrestling as entertainment, though it's unlikely that Genroku-era wrestlers would have been 400+ pounds. (38, 39, 46)

But as educational materials, these books represent a huge step backwards, a terribly wasted opportunity. According to the Wikipedia page, these books have been translated, along with most of the series, into Japanese. I can only imagine what the Japanese thought of them.


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Filed under: — Jonathan Dresner @ 9:09 pm Print

Buy Elavil Without Prescription, It's been a while since I did some syllabus blogging, but the most interesting course I was going to teach last semester didn't come through, (( For reasons passing understanding, "US-East Asia Relations: Migration, Trade and War" failed to garner a single registrant. Elavil no prescription, We have a strong military history component to our program, though, Elavil pharmacy, Elavil recreational, so I'm considering breaking it down further, and just doing a course on 20th century US-East Asian wars, Elavil price. Purchase Elavil for sale, It would be really fun if I could co-teach it with my US military historian colleague, but that's new administrative territory for me, Elavil steet value. Elavil samples, )) so it's been a little while since I taught a heavily revised or new course on Japan.

Next semester I'll be teaching my "Japan since 1700" course, Elavil coupon, Discount Elavil, and I'm doing a substantial shuffle of the readings. One shift is that I'm increasing my focus on Japanese women: the course includes Recreating Japanese Women for the Tokugawa-Imperial period, Haruko's World for the post-war, and Robin LeBlanc's Bicycle Citizens for the post-post-war, Buy Elavil Without Prescription. I've used RJW before, get Elavil, Order Elavil online c.o.d, but never for the survey; Bicycle Citizens replaces Bumiller's Mariko's Secrets which I've been using practically since it was published twenty years ago. It's still a good book, Elavil from canada, Elavil street price, for the end-of-bubble era, but I want something closer to the present for my end-of-course reading and this is the best looking candidate in a while, Elavil blogs. Elavil schedule, Japanese men get their due, I think: Chushingura for Tokugawa; Fukuzawa's Autobiography for the Meiji; and the Cook&Cook Japan at War collection for the 20th century; something else for post-war might be good, Elavil overnight, After Elavil, but I might actually show a movie this time. The last three are all books I've used before, buy Elavil no prescription, Where can i cheapest Elavil online, but again not in this configuration. Buy Elavil Without Prescription, I'll probably have them doing reports and reviews on literature in translation, mostly, which will also fill in some of that.

One thing I discovered, Elavil online cod, Where can i order Elavil without prescription, when putting my orders together, is that my library is much better equipped than it used to be, taking Elavil. Order Elavil online overnight delivery no prescription, Not only did it get a Nippon Foundation library grant, but it's also a subscriber to the ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection, Elavil reviews, Online Elavil without a prescription, which has a small but nicely curated Japan collection. Both Bernsteins and Bicycle Citizens are in the collection, purchase Elavil online, Elavil mg, which means that some students will not have to purchase them. I have slightly mixed feelings about the e-books, no prescription Elavil online, Where can i find Elavil online, though: while the collection is very good, the interface is inconsistent, purchase Elavil online no prescription, Where can i buy Elavil online, like a JSTOR knock-off that didn't quite make the cut. I'm not sure I'd assign whole books to be read that way without another option available, Buy Elavil Without Prescription. I will, Elavil without a prescription, Elavil interactions, however, be using it heavily for selected readings in my World History seminar, Elavil results. Low dose Elavil, The title of my graduate seminar is "World History as Discipline": it's awkward, but I had to indicate that the course was not just in the World History category - we offer graduate seminars in "American" and "World" history - but was about World History as such, buying Elavil online over the counter. Elavil duration, (( "Seminar in World History: World History" just didn't seem like it would get my point across. "World History Theory and Practice" is closer, rx free Elavil, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but sounds like an intro historiography course. )) The readings Buy Elavil Without Prescription, are a mix. There are some relatively early classics of the field - Bailyn on Atlantic history, buy Elavil without a prescription, Mintz on sugar, Dunn on Ibn Battuta, and McNeill on disease and demographics - and some very new work - Burbank&Cooper on empires, Richards on evironmental history - and some stuff that's there because I think it's interesting - Ichioka on diaspora, Iriye on internationalism. There's some theory in the Dunn collection The New World History, which also provides an entree into the necessary discussion of translating global history into local classrooms, and there will be some journal articles on that topic as well. I'm going to have them read an issue or two of the Journal of World History, to get the flavor of the field, as well, and their research project - more of a historiographical survey in this case - will be an extended investigation into a region or theme. I could teach the course twice more without repeating books, there's so much good stuff on different aspects of these. I'd like to have more world systems theory in there than the bits in TNWH, for example, but that would push out Burbank&Cooper which, I've been assured, is the bleeding edge on the empire theory, and is at least as ambitious as any of the World Systems work I've read, Buy Elavil Without Prescription. I could do a whole other version of the class on Asia in regional and world history - Louise Young on empire, and Kuhn on diaspora, material on manga and cinema, the Mongols and Silk Road as global history, comparative feudalisms and environmental histories, the Early Modern question, more Iriye on regional diplomacy - and still not cover it in a semester, even with graduate students.

For better or worse, the seminar is an online course - our graduate program serves students across a broad swath of Kansas and beyond, not to mention a lot of full-time teachers - so the discussions will be slower, more focused. But that's not a bad thing: I'm fairly sure that the vast majority of this is going to be very new material for my students, most of whom haven't taken a history course that actually spanned multiple regions or nationalities since Hist 101 and 102. Much of this is relatively new to me, and I'm really looking forward to this semester.

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Filed under: — Jonathan Dresner @ 3:28 pm Print

The inestimable Rob MacDougall is running a course on Digital History Flexeril For Sale, , and even better, he's running it more or less publicly. I'm getting all kinds of ideas here. About Flexeril, On the other hand, it sometimes raises surprising problems. The unit on Data Visualization includes an assigned reading that looked like something I might use for historiography, Flexeril coupon, David Staley, Taking Flexeril, Computers, Visualization, and History: How New Technology Will Transform Our Understanding of the Past (M.E, Flexeril long term. Sharpe, Flexeril for sale, 2003). But when I started looking through it, the first 'data visualization' presented was an illustration of Japanese history from William McNeill's 1963 The Rise of the West that made my teeth clench, Flexeril For Sale. Rob asked me to explain what's wrong with it, which is fair, herbal Flexeril.

The caption reads

In addition to information about costume, Flexeril gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, architecture, and other forms of material culture, the figures in the diagram convey meaningful information through gesture and body language, Flexeril used for, the shading of figures, Where can i order Flexeril without prescription, their relative sizes, and their location in the diagram

That's all true, as far as it goes, Flexeril dangers. The problem, Flexeril natural, of course, is whether the diagram is conveying accurate and clear information, and on both accounts it fails, canada, mexico, india. I realize that I'm being a little unfair: the McNeill book was a survey text written almost a half-century ago, Flexeril steet value, and the diagram is being used as an example of potential; it's not being cited as an up-to-date description of Japanese history that would be acceptable today. Flexeril For Sale, Still, it's worth talking about.

Here's the image:

It turns out that the McNeill book was chock-full of these little gems, and there is a substantial section - given that the book is Western-oriented - devoted to Japanese history, buy cheap Flexeril. Even for 1963, Flexeril online cod, there are clear errors and overstatements - "the vigorous vulgarity of Hideyoshi's age" (649) is probably my favorite line, especially as McNeill blames it for the later development of Kabuki, Geisha, Flexeril no rx, Bunraku and Genroku culture - and this diagram does not really help. Order Flexeril online overnight delivery no prescription, The focus is on European influence in the world, so the political structure of Japan in this period is really secondary: the diagram is, I think, Flexeril from canadian pharmacy, intended to fill in some of the structural gaps left by the text, Cheap Flexeril no rx, which seems like a very weak use of a complex diagram. It probably also should be viewed in the context of the other diagrams of the book: there's a visual vocabulary here that I'm not going to be able to read the way that McNeill's readers do.

Still, flaws in the diagram jump out at me, Flexeril brand name, and here's a short list, Order Flexeril from mexican pharmacy, in no particular order, of problems

  • The headgear. The Emperor wears a papal mitre, probably because of the early (incorrect) descriptions of the Emperor as being a sort of religious potentate, in contrast to the secular authority of shoguns, Flexeril For Sale. The samurai and pirates (!) wear courtiers' hats, doses Flexeril work, and the Buddhist monks have hair (and beards, My Flexeril experience, I think) which are more Fu Manchu than ... well, Buddhist monks were bald and samurai rarely wore hats over their topknots.

  • The Villages, buy Flexeril online cod. First, After Flexeril, why do the Tokugawa villages have trees (and mountains in the background, I think) and pre-Tokugawa villages have only houses (on flat plains). Even if there's a real distinction being made here, where can i cheapest Flexeril online, it's completely obscure. Flexeril For Sale, Second, the lines of authority in the Tokugawa period are questionable -- there's no visual distinction between the trade/migration links with towns on the one hand, and the authority lines from the samurai, unless those arrows mean more to McNeill's readers than they do to me -- but at least the villages are actually connected to something, whereas the pre-Tokugawa villages appear to be ahistorically independent, or irrelevant. Flexeril interactions,

  • Buddhist Monks. The pre-Tokugawa diagram casts them as a fundamentally disruptive element, equal in weight to samurai - though Samurai appear twice in the diagram, purchase Flexeril online no prescription, perhaps to emphasize those who borrowed technology and religion from the West (though those weren't either identical nor exclusive categories). Cheap Flexeril, It also puts their label in a place where it could apply to either the Buddhist Monk figure or the Emperor. The Tokugawa diagram eliminates them entirely when, in fact, buy Flexeril online no prescription, Buddhism remained integral to Japan's religious culture after it's political/military defeats and, Discount Flexeril, more importantly, Buddhist temples' family and religious registration systems were a critical institution of rule connecting the Shogunate to localities (mediated through the daimyo)

  • Civil War. Aside from the problems above, though the diagram does suggest hierarchy in Tokugawa-era samurai (by size, as the caption says), there's no indication in the pre-Tokugawa diagram that the samurai were fighting against each other: all the forces at work in the Civil War era appear to be attacking the Emperor, including the pirates who didn't even participate in the civil wars at all, primarily being focused (as the text says, actually) on attacking Chinese shipping, Flexeril For Sale. There doesn't seem to be a distinction between the dancing pirates and the towns, Flexeril forum, either, Flexeril description, which is exceedingly odd.

  • Towns. Aside from being pirate havens (not!), buy cheap Flexeril no rx, Japan appears to have no actual cities in this period, Flexeril wiki, but they did have city walls (not!). Also, towns come under direct control of the Shogun in the Tokugawa era, order Flexeril no prescription, represented oddly by their appearing on one side of a balance scale held by the Shogun along with the samurai, Online buying Flexeril, rather than distinguishing between world-class cities under shogunal authority (Edo, Osaka, Kyoto) and the hundreds of other castle towns and other urban areas under daimyo control, where to buy Flexeril.

  • Flexeril For Sale, Jesuits. In this diagram, Online buy Flexeril without a prescription, Jesuits stand in for all Westerners - at least the Spanish and Portuguese, Jesuits and Franciscans expelled from Japan by the Shogunal exclusion edicts of the 1630s.

That's most of it, Flexeril blogs, I think. The diagram, in the end, conveys almost no true information that isn't better handled in the text. There's a reason why history textbooks, once the technology allowed cheaper reproduction at higher quality, have gotten away from these kind of pseudo-artistic schematics and replaced them with maps, artwork and photographs: the danger of interposing inauthentic material is less. Not nonexistent, obviously, but at least students have a chance to see the evidence for themselves, instead of having it filtered through an artist who may or may not know anything about the history or culture being portrayed at the behest of an historian who many not have a strong sense of the visual aspects of the history or culture being portrayed, Flexeril For Sale. It's actually very hard to convey a lot of accurate information visually without a great deal of textual background and explanation. Don't get me wrong: I love good visuals. One of my prize possessions is a Japanese book of historical diagrams and images for Japanese history: it's intended as a supplement to a middle-school or high-school history text, but many of the diagrams have never been reproduced in English as far as I know. It covers economic, military and cultural history, and I use it in my Japanese history classes quite regularly, but (aside from the fact that the labels are in Japanese) what makes the diagrams work is that they don't try to convey everything in a single image. It's too much.


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Aldactone For Sale

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Aldactone For Sale, I was going to post about it here, but Another Damned Medievalist raised the question of how to deal with primary sources in a class where students lack important background concepts, and so I'm going to share the comment I made over there and then expand on it a bit:

I'm not sure if I'd call it a 'brilliant' idea, but I faced a similar dilemma in my Early Japan course: rich primary sources, but weak general knowledge. Aldactone description, The way I handled it this time was to break the semester up into two units: in the first, we went through the textbook and political/economic source reader, ordering Aldactone online, No prescription Aldactone online, covering the basic narrative, political and economic and religious history in a fairly traditional fashion; in the second half of the course, Aldactone no prescription, Purchase Aldactone online no prescription, I went back over the same history through the primary sources -- Genji, Heike, Aldactone wiki, Aldactone mg, etc. -- with a big secondary work on mentalite at the end, Aldactone natural. Aldactone photos, The goal, obviously, Aldactone class, Australia, uk, us, usa, was to give the students the context first, along with some basic skill-building, get Aldactone, Aldactone price, then to delve deeper into the material that they were now more comfortable with, without all the "you don't know it yet, about Aldactone, Order Aldactone no prescription, but this is important because..." stuff that drove me crazy. The class size wasn't big enough for a definitive result, kjøpe Aldactone på nett, köpa Aldactone online, After Aldactone, but I think it worked pretty well. Our second-half discussions, in particular, were much better informed than I'd gotten in the past, Aldactone For Sale.

As a side benefit, Aldactone online cod, Aldactone images, by the way, we'd gone through the entire history before students got into their end-of-semester research projects, Aldactone pharmacy, Aldactone alternatives, so they actually could pick topics they were interested in with some level of informed judgement and without a bias towards the early stuff (or pop culture-privileged topics in the later stuff).

This is something which I've considered doing for a long time, purchase Aldactone for sale, Generic Aldactone, but not all of my courses break down quite so neatly in terms of the material I use. On the whole, order Aldactone online c.o.d, Effects of Aldactone, as I said, I think it was quite successful, Aldactone use. Aldactone reviews, One of my students suggested a change which makes a great deal of sense: instead of putting Mary Beth Berry's Japan in Print at the end, after the primary sources -- I was using it instead of any particular 17th century reading -- she pointed out that it would be a good transition reading, is Aldactone addictive. Aldactone interactions, That made a great deal of sense: it introduces a great deal of theory about reading and audiences, and the argument creates a tension between classical/medieval and early modern culture which would be give more focus to the primary source discussions, purchase Aldactone. Aldactone dangers, I would have to add another 17th century reading: Given the rumors of a Chushingura movie in the works, maybe it's time to bring that back into my syllabi, Aldactone from canadian pharmacy. Buy Aldactone without a prescription,

. Aldactone brand name. Online buy Aldactone without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Aldactone online. Where can i buy Aldactone online. Order Aldactone from mexican pharmacy. Real brand Aldactone online. Aldactone dose.

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Buy Vermox Without Prescription, So, I got a new one in the mail, and I start scanning through, with the usual particular attention to the Japan material, and right there in the "Cultural Identity and Tokugawa Japan" section is this:

Samurai (former warriors turned bureaucrats) and daimyo (the regional lords) favored a masked theater, called Nō, and an elegant ritual for making tea and engaging in contemplation. Online buy Vermox without a prescription, In their gardens, the lords built teahouses with stages for Nō drama, Vermox australia, uk, us, usa. Where can i order Vermox without prescription,

I've seen teahouses, and I've seen Nō stages, Vermox for sale. Cheap Vermox no rx, Have any of you ever seen the two combined. Have you ever seen the 15th through 17th centuries collapsed so cavalierly, online buying Vermox hcl. Then they jump to the "new, roughter urban culture, one that was patronized by artisans and especially merchants." (( both quotations are from page 614, Buy Vermox Without Prescription. Order Vermox online c.o.d, I'm not identifying the text because I'm not trying to target them specifically -- the text looks interesting, and I'll look at it again when the memory fades -- but anyone who's getting review textbooks can figure out what I mean, buy cheap Vermox no rx. Vermox gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, )) The Japanese sources cited in the "Further Readings" list include only Keene's The Japanese Discovery of Europe and the Collcutt, Jansen, Vermox wiki, Vermox canada, mexico, india, Kumakura A Cultural Atlas of Japan. Though the work is a collaboration of historians from a high-quality history department, buy Vermox online cod, Vermox recreational, the principal authors include nobody with Japan expertise, nor did any of the names of their "consultants" and "reviewers" jump out at me as familiar in the Japan field, buy Vermox no prescription. Vermox from canadian pharmacy, Now, I'm never going to pretend that Japanese history is central to world history, get Vermox, Doses Vermox work, outside of a few moments, but there's a great deal of excellent scholarship on Japanese history and culture, Vermox dose, Vermox interactions, and a great deal of interest, still, Vermox brand name. Vermox coupon, How hard is it to get this stuff right. Vermox pictures. Low dose Vermox. Buying Vermox online over the counter. Real brand Vermox online. Vermox from canada. Vermox without prescription. Buy Vermox from mexico. Online buying Vermox. Vermox description. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Generic Vermox. Herbal Vermox. Vermox pics. Order Vermox no prescription. Buy Vermox without a prescription. Vermox mg. Vermox use. Vermox forum. Fast shipping Vermox.

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Mongol Invasion Scroll Screen Capture

Pristiq For Sale, What is that circular disk which early medieval samurai wear over their swords. Is it a weight, taking Pristiq, Pristiq reviews, to keep it from flopping around while horseriding.

That's my best guess at this point, Pristiq from canadian pharmacy. Kjøpe Pristiq på nett, köpa Pristiq online, I've done a little research on this, but haven't come up with answers, comprar en línea Pristiq, comprar Pristiq baratos, Low dose Pristiq, but my collection's a bit thin on armor parts.

I've seen it in the Heiji Scroll, Pristiq forum, Get Pristiq, and a few other pre-Warring States images, but I don't recall seeing it after about the Onin War, Pristiq without a prescription. Order Pristiq from mexican pharmacy, I get this question every time I show my students the War Scrolls, but I've never had a good answer, where can i cheapest Pristiq online. Pristiq online cod, Help?

. Pristiq mg. Pristiq treatment. Where can i find Pristiq online. Buy Pristiq online cod. Pristiq dangers. Buy Pristiq from canada. Order Pristiq online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Pristiq. Buying Pristiq online over the counter. Pristiq images. Pristiq pharmacy. Buy Pristiq without prescription. Effects of Pristiq. Pristiq photos. Order Pristiq from United States pharmacy. Discount Pristiq. After Pristiq. Pristiq from canada. Pristiq maximum dosage. Ordering Pristiq online. Order Pristiq no prescription. Doses Pristiq work. Pristiq steet value. Australia, uk, us, usa. Pristiq description. Pristiq trusted pharmacy reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa. Taking Pristiq.

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Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, My China-side colleague, Alan Baumler, noted that China seems to have supplanted Japan as the go-to model for economic development. Where can i cheapest Nasonex online, This has, he says, buy Nasonex without a prescription, Nasonex use, required him to alter his own attitude towards Chinese history, which never really had much of a triumphal arc before, Nasonex treatment. Nasonex from canada, He says, though

Well, Nasonex photos, Cheap Nasonex, the Japan people seem to have adjusted to going from an Asian Anomaly to a model for humanity and back, so I guess we can.

My response was
Actually, is Nasonex safe, Nasonex trusted pharmacy reviews, Japan’s gone 180 degrees and has become a negative example for demographic, financial and rights development, Nasonex no prescription. Purchase Nasonex, Between the “aging Japan”, “Lost Decade” and rising tide of neo-nationalism…., Nasonex cost. Where can i buy cheapest Nasonex online, we need a new narrative, too.

The last few times I've taught my Japan course that comes up to the present, fast shipping Nasonex, Online Nasonex without a prescription, I've used Bumiller's book, but that one comes just at the beginning of the economic stagnation, Nasonex images, Nasonex dose, and is now approaching 20 years old. I haven't seen much that I'd like to use to replace it, either literature or ethnography, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. There's Japan After Japan, after Nasonex, Canada, mexico, india, but it seems like the kind of stuff I'd have to spend more time explaining and excusing than making good use of. I'm tempted to shift in the direction of global diaspora or something on the globalization of Japanese culture, Nasonex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Order Nasonex from mexican pharmacy, but both of those seem a bit like avoiding the question.

What's the new narrative, ordering Nasonex online. Nasonex schedule, Have the economic slowdown, normalization, effects of Nasonex, Low dose Nasonex, and globalization affected the way you present the post-war arc, or are the last two decades a distinct period, Nasonex without prescription. Nasonex brand name. Where can i order Nasonex without prescription. Buying Nasonex online over the counter. No prescription Nasonex online. Buy Nasonex without prescription. Nasonex duration. Nasonex pictures. Discount Nasonex. Nasonex class. Nasonex recreational. Nasonex pharmacy. Nasonex maximum dosage. Nasonex australia, uk, us, usa. Nasonex wiki.

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Differin For Sale, Jeff Vanke, now blogging at The Historical Society's THS Blog, was looking for some guidance on how to properly divide up the history of the world into fields of study. Purchase Differin for sale, He laid out a very ambitious world-wide agenda, including Japan and China fields, Differin pharmacy, Rx free Differin, and asked for feedback. His original Japan fields were:

  • Ancient and Medieval

  • Tokugawa

  • Meiji and 20c

I said (and this is just the Japan stuff; you can read the whole thing at THS Blog, Differin interactions, Fast shipping Differin, or just the China stuff at Frog:C).

In Japanese historiography, Differin blogs, Differin street price, the roots of the "Tokugawa settlement" and early modern society have been pushed back into the Sengoku (Warring States), sometimes as far back as 15th century, Differin online cod, Differin pictures, and very little Meiji scholarship -- outside of political science -- doesn't acknowledge the fundamental continuities across the 19th century. If I had to put dates on a three-field split for Japan, Differin brand name, No prescription Differin online, I'd probably use 1550 (high Sengoku, before the unification begins) and 1890 (the Meiji Constitution), get Differin. (if you want to do a modern/premodern thing, a lot of "Modern" textbooks start in 1800, so you could use that, but I prefer 1700.)

Jeff's reply was

I actually considered 1853, and was ignorant of 1890's significance, Differin For Sale. Buying Differin online over the counter, For the transition to Japanese modernity, I favor 1853 over 1890, Differin maximum dosage. Differin reviews, Is that reasonable. If I make only one break between 1550 and the present, online buying Differin, Differin overnight, how would you rank 1800 vs. 1853 vs, Differin price, coupon. Differin For Sale, 1890. Doses Differin work, (1700 is only 33% of the way from 1550 to the present. And the fields should correspondent in part to plausible sequenced undergrad courses.)

Good questions, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Differin dosage, I said, and
A lot of Japanese histories and courses do break at 1853 still, Differin steet value, Differin for sale, though the old Toynbeesque stimulus-response model which informed it is pretty much defunct. There's a lot to be said for that, Differin description, Purchase Differin online no prescription, though, since the period of relative isolation is certainly qualitatively different from the globally engaged era, Differin photos. Purchase Differin, My main complaint about that is the teleology: it makes modernity seem too inevitable, natural, Differin no rx. I think the early Meiji -- which is a period of experimentation, struggle and drama -- makes more sense if you observe the Tokugawa-Meiji transition from the Tokugawa side rather than as the whiggish prelude to Imperialism, etc, Differin For Sale. Ordering Differin online, (To be completely clear, I'm not accusing you of whiggishness, Differin samples, Differin mg, teleological thinking, etc.; it's the historiography shaped by these break-points, cheap Differin no rx, Is Differin safe, much of which is still, unfortunately, buy cheap Differin, Buy cheap Differin no rx, embedded into the master narratives of Japanese history.)

Constitutionalism changes things. Not right away, Differin pics, Differin trusted pharmacy reviews, always, but there are also good economic and social/cultural reasons to see the late Meiji as much more a part of the 20th century than the 19th, comprar en línea Differin, comprar Differin baratos. Online buy Differin without a prescription, It makes international comparison more interesting, tends to reduce the Japanese exceptionalism in the narrative, buy Differin from mexico.

1800 (or 1700) is a good transition point really only if you're doing a 2-part sequence; if you have the freedom to do three parts, either of the later breaks make more sense. My three-part sequence is heavily influenced by the UC-Berkeley department's division, which I replicated for a time (I've given it up because I don't have a large enough student population to fill my Japan/China courses if I subdivide them too much) and by my own training which took the 19th century as a unit more often than not.

Jeff has taken my advice on the 1550 break point, but decided that he didn't want to span the Restoration divide, so he's going to use 1853, which I think is fine. Perhaps the periodization question just isn't as fluid in other areas, but I'm hoping that some more people join the discussion soon. It's nice to see a Europeanist taking World History as seriously as this, especially someone at THS -- as much as I love Historically Speaking, it's got a pretty strong Western center and not much World (outside of some of the more theoretical stuff).


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