Joseph E. Hicswa General Court Martial - Opinion of the Board of Review - Murder Trial 1946.1.8-11

War Department, Army Service Forces, Office of the Judge Advocate General, 98th Infantry Division Trial by General Court Martial. Double murder charge against Private First Class Joseph E. Hicswa, Headquarters Battery, 98th Division Artillery.

Important trial of a US soldier for the murder of two Japanese civilians. Given a guilty verdict and sentenced to death, later pardoned by President Truman. Became a huge media case at the time.

Martial Art Degree Holders Among Police in Colonial Korea June, 1938

Lists statistics for 1st to 6th degree holders for Judo, Kendo, and Kyudo among the colonial police in Korea as of June, 1938. Single page chart entitled 武道有段者, found on page 44 (40 in original) of the source collection 日帝下 戰時體制期 政策史料叢書 第67卷 警察과 思想統制. Document out of copyright.

Memorandum for the Ambassador on the Situation in Taiwan, April 1947

Memo written by George H. Kerr in April, 1947. Found in microfilms of confidential US State Department Records for 1945-50 (RG 59 893.00/4-2147).

Office of War Information - China Regional Directives December 1944 - September 1945

Found in US State Department records RG59, decimal files 893.00.

Zhu De's Request for $20 Million from General Wedemeyer

"Project and Budget for Destroying and Bringing over Puppet Forces during 1945" Translation of a letter from Zhu De (Chu Teh), Commander of the 18th Group Army dated January 23, 1945 in Yenan. Addressed to General Albert C. Wedemeyer, Commanding General of the China Theater. Found in the Confidential Records of the Department of State (893.00-2-2345)

China Provincial Atlas and Geography

Joüon, René ed. 1935 The China Provincial Atlas and Geography Shanghai: North-China Daily News and Herald. 2nd edition.