Journals: Modern China Vol 34 No 1

Below is the table of contents of the new Modern China issue:

Modern China
2008; VOL 34; PART 1 (2008-January) 
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Introduction to “The Nature of the Chinese State : Dialogues among Western and Chinese Scholars , I”
Author(s): Philip C . C . Huang
Page: 3 – 8

Centralized Minimalism : Semiformal Governance by Quasi Officials and Dispute Resolution in China
Author(s): Philip C . C . Huang
Page: 9 – 35

Graduated Controls : The State – Society Relationship in Contemporary China
Author(s): Kang Xiaoguang
Page: 36 – 55

Changing Models of China’s Policy Agenda Setting
Author(s): Shaoguang Wang
Page: 56 – 87

Societal Transition : New Issues in the Field of the Sociology of Development
Author(s): Sun Liping
Page: 88 – 113

The Liberation of the Object and the Interrogation of Modernity : Rethinking The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought
Author(s): Wang Hui
Page: 114 – 140

Rule as Repertory and the Compound Essence of Authority
Author(s): Vivienne Shue
Page: 141 – 151

History and Globalization in China’s Long Twentieth Century
Author(s): Prasenjit Duara
Page: 152 – 164

A Theory of Transitions
Author(s): Ivan Szelenyi
Page: 165 – 175

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