Journals: The China Quarterly Vol 192

Below is the table of contents for the December issue of the China Quarterly:

The China Quarterly
2007 ; VOL 192 ; PART 01   (2007/12/01) 
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Article Title: Index of Books Reviewed
Page: iv-viii

Article Title: Index for 2007
Page: i-iii

Article Title: Index of Authors
Page: xiii-xiv

Article Title: Index to Quarterly Chronicle
Page: ix-xii

Article Title: Integrating Wealth and Power in China : The Communist Party’s Embrace of the Private Sector
Page: 827-854

Article Title: From Resisting to “Embracing ? ” the One – Child Rule : Understanding New Fertility Trends in a Central China Village
Page: 855-875

Article Title: Clans for Markets : The Social Organization of Inter – Firm Trading Relations in China’s Automobile Industry
Page: 876-897

Article Title: Rural Households , Dragon Heads and Associations : A Case Study of Sweet Potato Processing in Sichuan Province
Page: 898-914

Article Title: The Political Ecology of Pollution Enforcement in China : A Case from Sichuan’s Rural Industrial Sector
Page: 915-932

Article Title: Ethnicization through Schooling : The Mainstream Discursive Repertoires of Ethnic Minorities
Page: 933-948

Article Title: State – Press Relationship in Post – 1997 Hong Kong : Constant Negotiation amidst Self – Restraint
Page: 949-970

Article Title: The Making of Chinese Intellectuals : Representations and Organization in the Thought Reform Campaign
Page: 971-989

Article Title: Was Japanese Colonialism Good for the Welfare of Taiwanese ? Stature and the Standard of Living
Page: 990-1013

Article Title: The China Quarterly
Page: 1018-1019

Article Title: Books Received
Page: 1052-1057

Article Title: Quarterly chronicle and documentation
Page: 1058-1084

Article Title: Contributors
Page: 1085-1087

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