TOS Update Experiment

Today I’ll begin an experiment here at Frog in a Well. I thought some readers might appreciate an update of the table of contents of journals which include articles on East Asian history. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do this, but it turns out to be easy to transform the email updates I receive into a post for Frog in a Well. You can register for TOS updates by email with many journals but it doesn’t hurt to post them here for those who don’t want to clutter inboxes. Many journals also now provide RSS feed.

I’ll try to remember to copy and paste the TOS into the appropriate page Journals section of the Frog in a Well EALA wiki. If anyone wants to create individual wiki pages for articles of interests, posting summaries, links to commentary, or civil discussion about the articles directly in the wiki, that is welcome too.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the email updates I get often don’t show any distinction between articles, book reviews, and research notes so visit online home pages for this information. Also, most journals are only available for reading at research libraries, or online through paid subscription services such as JSTOR, Muse, and other databases.

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  1. This is quite a useful addition in my rss diet. I would love to see links to the journals’ rss feeds as well. Now if only those of us not at the moment affiliated with universities had better ways of reading this work!

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